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The CraveCast crew debates joining Elon Musk’s million on Mars (CraveCast Podcast, Ep. 28) – CNET

The SpaceX founder wants to build a Martian metropolis in our lifetime. Is the plan historic or just hubris? We discuss.

‘Safe’ Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes in China, claims owner – CNET

Samsung has spent untold millions recalling the Galaxy Note 7, but one of the "safe" units has reportedly exploded in China.

YouTube Go brings data-light video to a phone near you – CNET

The India-first YouTube Go app brings video-streaming within reach for data-free sharing of cat videos with your nearby friends.

Twitter wants you to be a Periscope VIP – CNET

Twitter's livestreaming service is rolling out a new membership tier that will help grow audiences and collaborate with other users.

New projector creates VR without a headset – CNET

Panoworks' screen enclosure lets you experience VR games and movies across a 150 degree field of vision.

Ancient Roman coins turn up in Japanese ruins – CNET

A haul of coins from halfway across the world turned up on an archaeological site in Japan. Exactly how they got there is a fascinating

Google could soon bring free Wi-Fi to your bus – CNET

The company originally helped connect Indian train stations with free Wi-Fi, and now wants to bring that service to the world.

Airbnb rentals ‘dangerously’ crowded, senators say – CNET

New York state senators release a report describing illegal "rentals of doom" that feature air mattresses crowded into kitchens and beds stuffed into laundry rooms.

Check out DARPA’s new podcast — so far, no insane killer robots. – CNET

The government agency that brings you new military tech, now brings you its first podcast: "Voices from DARPA."

Elon Musk Announces His Plan to Colonize Mars and Save Humanity

Musk doesn't just want to go to Mars, he wants to build a civilization there. The post Elon Musk Announces His

A visual look at Elon Musk’s plan to move us to Mars (pictures) – CNET

The SpaceX founder has an audacious plan to build the first Martian metropolis, and he just might have the rockets to pull it off.

Teen suspended for taking picture of school’s dirty water – CNET

A Michigan teen is told she's sanctioned for inappropriate use of an electronic device. She posted a picture of bathroom water that was urine-colored to

Facebook: Really, nobody used that inflated metric, anyway – CNET

Facebook executives said that "universally" no marketers were using a video-viewing measurement that the company inflated for two years.

Samsung brings gifts to mark Samsung Pay’s first birthday – CNET

Mobile-payments service adds support for coupons, memberships and gift cards. The company is also giving away 365 Gear S2 smartwatches.

Let’s fill a toilet with 240 pounds of mercury and then flush it – CNET

A YouTube channel dedicated to unusual science experiments takes a bathroom break with a special toilet system and a whole lot of liquid mercury.

Trump-Clinton debate sets records online and on TV – CNET

An estimated 84 million people watched the presidential debate on television, says Nielsen. Millions more joined the fray online.

Startling 8-Bit Visualizations of America’s Obesity Epidemic

The maps visualize the steady rise in the prevalence of adult obesity by turning from green to purple. The post Startling 8-Bit Visualizations of America's Obesity Epidemic appeared

Google’s Got a Plan to Unify the World’s Wi-Fi Hotspots

Google will help anyone build a public Wi-Fi hotspot, complete with a Google-based login. The post Google’s Got a Plan to Unify the World's

Google this: Clinton surpasses Trump in searches – CNET

The Democratic presidential nominee overtakes her Republican challenger in Google searches during their first debate.

Anti-Defamation League adds ‘Pepe the Frog’ meme to hate list – CNET

Formerly known as the "Sad Frog" meme, the symbol has shown up on social media wearing a Hitler-like moustache, a yarmulke or a Klan hood.

Why Last Night’s Debate Looked So Mercifully, Refreshingly Boring

"Visually, the Presidential Debate Commission wants them to be as boring as possible." The post Why Last Night's Debate Looked So Mercifully, Refreshingly Boring appeared

Congress Will Soon Lose These Crucial Science Advocates

A number of science-minded members of Congress are retiring after this term, and that means crucial initiatives could be in jeopardy. The post Congress Will

The Crown Trailer: Netflix Goes Big-Budget Across the Pond

The biographical series covering Queen Elizabeth II's life aims to compete with historical dramas in the UK and appeal to American Anglophiles. The post The

Elon Musk unveils epic SpaceX plan to colonize Mars – CNET

The SpaceX CEO says in case of a doomsday event, we need to be prepared to go to Mars. Why Mars? It's better than the

Take a selfie as a form of political protest? Yes you can. – CNET

In a fun and humorous way, Mozilla is helping EU citizens protest an old copyright law that prohibits selfies, panoramas and memes in front of

CraveCast can’t wait to crew a Mars mission with Elon Musk – CNET

The SpaceX CEO has announced his plan to make humans a multi-planetary species. Who will be the first to volunteer among us? The crew discusses

Yes, someone’s made a Donald Trump sniff movie – CNET

Technically Incorrect: After the Republican nominee appears to sniff his way through Monday's debate, a YouTuber dramatizes his nasal sound effects.

Hit the road, headphone jack. USB wants your job – CNET

A trade group is done creating a technology to let ordinary USB ports take over from the 3.5mm audio jack on laptops and PCs.

Microsoft tries to show that the NFL is now happy with Surface – CNET

Technically Incorrect: The relationship between the league and the tablet has had its issues. But a new ad seems to say it's all good.

Elon Musk unveils epic SpaceX plans to colonize Mars – CNET

The SpaceX CEO says in case of a doomsday event, we need to be prepared to go to Mars. Why Mars? It's better than the

DJI Launches the Mavic Pro, a Significantly More Foldable Drone

Not to be out-droned by the foldable Karma, DJI has today announced the Mavic Pro, its own less-expensive drone that folds up into a cute

If Europa Has Ice Plumes, Maybe They Work Like Earth’s Volcanoes

Europa joins a growing list of planetary bodies that likely have ice volcanism and possibly liquid water. The post If Europa Has Ice Plumes, Maybe

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teased on Michel Ancel’s Instagram

Long-in-the-works sequel to the 2003 classic adventure game could finally be happening. The post Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teased

Debate tweets, memes tell Clinton, Trump their next moves – CNET

Social media responds as the presidential candidates spar over everything from cybersecurity to taxes in the first of three planned debates.

Elon Musk details his plan to send humans to Mars in this video – CNET

How do we get to the Red Planet? In this live stream, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX will explain his ambitious plan.

Watch as Elon Musk unveils epic SpaceX plan to get us to Mars – CNET

The SpaceX CEO says in case of a doomsday event, we need to be prepared to go to Mars. Why Mars? It's better than the

Google iOS update lets you get ultra-sneaky with search – CNET

Incognito mode comes to Google's iOS app, along with video integration for your secret search sessions.

WIRED’s Cheat Sheet to the Feisty First Presidential Debate

Here's how the candidates stacked up on topics related to security, innovation, tech jobs, climate change, and other issues impacting the WIRED world. The post

Donald Trump: Nope, ‘no sniffles’ during presidential debate – CNET

The candidate says any apparent breathing issues during Monday night's debate may have been caused by his microphone.

Europe can finally buy Samsung’s Note 7 on October 28 – CNET

Did you know that in Europe, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 never properly went on sale? That changes next month.

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