Bradford, PA (October 20, 2015) – The VNA of Northwest Pennsylvania announced today that it has earned a grade of 4.5 stars from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) through a new rating system for home health providers.

Only 10% of agencies in Pennsylvania achieved this rating. The Home Health Star Ratings offer a 1-star to 5-star rating based on a home health agency’s performance on nine quality measures, like whether patients received flu shots, how their pain is managed, and if they are able to stay out of the hospital.

This star rating is not quite like hotel or restaurant star ratings, which many consumers may be familiar with, where only 4-and5-stars are good quality. In Fact, more than half of all home health agencies across the country fall in the middle with 3 or 3.5 stars. Most Pennsylvania home health agencies fall within the 3 to 3.5 star range. And overall, Pennsylvania agencies are rated higher the other agencies across the country.

CMS released the new rating system earlier this summer to make selecting home health care providers easier for consumers. According to CMS, star ratings can help consumers more quickly identify differences in quality and make use of the information when they are choosing a home health care provider.

Kathy Pascarella, Administrator, VNA Northwest Pennsylvania: “The CMS 4.5-star rating reflects the high quality of care and successful patient outcomes that the VNA of NWPA consistently delivers to our patients. The VNA of NWPA is committed to improving patient outcomes and reducing avoidable hospital re-admissions in the NWPA communities that we serve”.

Consumers can take advantage of this new rating system by visiting Home Health Compare, CMS’s public information website, at<>. On the site, consumers can type in a zip code and a list of local home health agencies will pop up. From the list, consumers can choose to compare reports on three agencies at a time. Or, they can type in the name of just one home health agency and get its report.

For 102 years, McKean County VNA & Hospice VNA has served Northwest Pennsylvania, offering home health care to patients throughout the region.

In 2014, VNA of Western New York partnered with Bradford Regional Medical Center to transform McKean County VNA & Hospice VNA into the VNA of Northwest PA. The VNA of WNY was the very first VNA in the United States and has a 130 year history of providing care and service. This partnership ensures residents of Northwest PA continue to receive high quality home care services for years to come.

We have successful relationships with hospitals in northwest PA. We partner and work with hundreds of physicians and referral sources throughout the NWPA marketplace. We work with most area HMOs and insurance companies, as well as the Medicare and Medicaid programs. – See more at:

VNA of NWPA has been ranked in the top one percent of home health agencies in the United States. The VNA of NWPA was named to the Top 100 of the 2014 HomeCare Elite(tm) for recognition as one of the top-performing home health agencies in the United States.

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