Paul Berg For Mayor Of Bradford – Platform and ideas to better the city of Bradford

Paul Berg and his best friend Thor

Paul Berg and his best friend Thor

1. The city should not charge the veterans to use Veterans Square for Veterans Day celebrations. (this is a disgrace and and insult)

There should be no charge to the men and woman who laid down their lives, and those who continue to put themselves in harms way for America.

They serve so that we may sleep under the blanket of freedom that they so bravely provide.

2. There should be a moratorium or freeze on spending. The city should never spend more than we take in.

3. Start a Bradford Area Community Watch. Neighbors can keep watch on their neighborhoods and be able to report to the police, without giving their
names, phone numbers and addresses if they want to be anonymous.

4. The citizens deserve a clear answer as to who OK’d the borrowing of the 5.2 million dollars, where it was spent, and how we are paying it back.

5. I am in favor of a reasonable, fair Code Enforcement, but I draw the line when Mayor Riel says every private home will eventually be inspected.
CE should be used to make sure people have safe, clean and suitable living conditions, but CE should not infringe on the privacy of a private homeowner.
I believe that there are many eyesores in what would be good neighborhoods that needs to be addressed. Blight in the city infringes on others that take care
of their property, and keeps them from enjoying it, while reducing their property values.

I worry about these (free inspections) in the property maintenance inspection checklist, quote- voluntary owner occupied safety inspections-no charge.
If violations are found owner will be notified and violations must be corrected to avoid any further action.

There are 55 specific requirements to pass inspection. Some are no weeds in yard, gutters and downspouts are in good repair and taking water away from the structure, deadbolts on doors, doors weather tight and in good condition. cracked windows, screen in all windows, no peeling paint, do you have adequate water pressure (how do you fix this one?), is your bathroom floor clean and dry? Hot water tanks in bathrooms? How would your parents, aunts and the elderly’s homes fair in this rigorous inspection?

6. Before Mayor Riel took office, taxes were approximately 12.1 mills. They are now approximately 18.2 mills. Can the taxpayers afford another 4 more years?
The blue collar middle class can not afford an ever growing cost of running the city.

7. I will look into doing away with the Business Privilege Tax.

Paul Berg

Paul Berg

8. We must stop punishing property owners from improving their properties. Building permits are needed to ensure proper workmanship and that all city codes are followed, But there should be no reassessing of the property until they are sold. This will allow the homeowner to invest in their home Without being punished by a raise in their taxes. When the property is eventually sold it will be reassessed and all improvements will be taken into consideration. Buyer will know exactly what his assessment will be as long as he lives there. And may also continue to improve the property without being penalized.

9. I would have an open door policy for the Mayors Office. It would be open from 5:00PM to 7:00PM on the Monday evening before the Tuesday Council Meetings. So the working persons have a chance to discuss any problems face to face with the Mayor.

10. City Council and the Mayor would answer questions from the public. It is my understanding that a resolution was passed that stated the Mayor and City Council do not have to answer questions from the public! What is the purpose of a public meeting if the citizens are not allowed to ask questions?

The following was written by the candidate, Paul Berg:

A little about me. Honestly I think through one way or another the majority of people in Bradford know me. I was born in Bradford and raised by my Aunt until I was 5 because my mother was hospitalized shortly after birth for 5 years. Then one day these two people came and said you are coming with us, we are your parents. Just a bit traumatic on myself and the only mom I knew.

I then attended a small grade school thru 6th grade at Hobson Place School, a little neighborhood school. I then went through Jr. & Sr. High school in Bradford. After graduation I began attending college at University of Pittsburgh. It was at that time in the Hampshire House by the hospital. The following summer I got a job at Zippo where I worked for a year and then I took a position at KOA Speers for another year. At that time I was offered to join the Laborers Union, this was great money back then. So I put off college and never went back. For 13 years I worked as a laborer, union steward, and labor foreman on many jobs in the area.

In 1985 I took a test for the City Fire Department, placing first in both the written and oral. I was hired November 29, 1985. My first big fire was the Dresser Home in February of 1986 then the Monagos fire within 36 hours of that. While at the fire department to make ends meet, (I had two daughters and a son on the way) I would work 3 sometimes 4 jobs at once.

I worked security at Bradford Hospital for ten years, for McCormick’s Ambulance Service and I kept my laborers card and worked some construction while also building up my rental business. There were times I worked 60 hours straight before coming home. But I still coached little league and participated in my kids baseball, basketball, football, gymnastics, swimming, and cheerleading.

I never missed a game or a meet. To be honest I don’t know how I did it. I also ran 5K’s up to ½ marathons and got into triathlons. My daughter taught me to swim when I was 38 so I could compete in them. Pretty tough if you can’t swim. LOL! I did qualify for nationals in the sprint distance but then tore a rotator cuff at a fire and that was the end of that.

When I joined the fire department I made the choice because it was a job I felt I was born to do, helping people. I took about a 50% pay cut that year starting out at about $12,500.00 down from over $25,000.00 in construction. To supplement my income I financed, with some help from my Aunt Mary (whom I took care of until her death in 1993 at the age of 93. She worked until she was 85.) a rental property. I was pretty handy and did all the work on them myself including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, ect. I eventually had 10 or 11 houses and apartments.

I was married for 20 years to Judith Polucci Berg and had three children with her, Nicole Bernhard, Heather Berg, and Andy Berg. We also have 4 grandchildren Julia, Kayleigh, Braydon, and one on the way.

We divorced in 2000. During this very stressful and emotional divorce, I confronted a guy that was seeing my wife. Things became heated and he ended up on the floor. His friends grabbed me and I said “get your hands off me or I will hurt you.” That was simple assault and terroristic threats. I got 60 days with work release. Just for the record the guy had 50 pounds on me and was half my age, I wasn’t picking on some little guy.

Anyways after my divorce and over the years I have gotten rid of all but one rental property.

In January 2006 I married Debra Cornman a lovely lady, but we grew apart and are now separated. It is amicable and we still support each other.

On the job as fire fighter and EMT. I had many injuries. Torn rotator cuff, knee surgery, broke my back in two places, sprained ankles, broken fingers, and a c-spine surgery. Well they took their toll and in 2008 with 22 years of service I retired from the fire department.

After having had 5 spine surgeries the doctors said you are done. I got no disability.

While going through my surgeries I had people just ask me out of the blue if they could have some pain medication. I never gave them any, but the police (Chief Lucco) did attempt to get me to sell one or some I’m not sure. They put this in a report and it made the mini print on page 2 or 3 in the Era.

I never sold or even gave any away, and nothing was ever said about it again. I heard that their confidential Informant was lying to them and was just keeping their money. He ended up in jail for some time I believe.

I am giving you all these details because I expect Tom to come out with them just before the election and I would have no time to respond.

As to why the mayor? I have watched as Tom Reil began his career by spray painting slanderous statements about my friends about town. Then attempt to open a strip club and to stop him and his partners, the city paid him around $50,000.00 for a building that had to be demolished.

Now I have watched as he has promised to cut taxes and garbage. Garbage has went up and taxes have skyrocketed approximately 50% in his 10 years. Now they want to tax the rain water. I think that a lot of people that should be paying their fair share are not because he is their puppet.

I believe he treats the citizens without respect or dignity. He refuses to answer questions unless he feels like it.

He says that this year they budgeted money for roads, says this was never done before. Well who was in there the last 9 years without this line item?

He owns a piece of his front yard that he has not paid city taxes on in 4 or 5 years, and the list goes on.

He borrowed 5.2 million with no input from citizens, he stated that eventually every home in the city will be inspected by code enforcement! Yes, I believe in code enforcement but I believe in the constitution and people’s rights a little more. He was newsmaker of the year – so was Osama Bin Ladin.

What will I do as Mayor?

1. Work on getting some industry back into town.
2. Make sure everyone pulls their weight.
3. Let the public know what I’m doing and why.
4. Roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty and do the right thing.

I live at 29 Prendergast Ave. in Bradford with my son Andrew and a rescue dog (Thor) that I adopted from the SPCA a couple months ago. Wonderful animal, he plays Frisbee a couple times a day, house broken, doesn’t chew things, super smart, and so is the dog. LOL!

Thank You,
Paul Berg

PS. As to date I have not taken a dime from individuals or groups and believe me it’s getting tight. I have no one to answer to but the citizens of Bradford. And if I am elected with Tom’s new raise I’m going to pay for at least one full facial reconstruction surgery for a child in need and they can thank Tom.

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