Mother Writes “Huge thank you to Bradford, PA and Olean, NY” After Daughters’ Accident On Rt. 219

Dear Editor,

Until two weeks ago, I have never heard of the little town of Bradford, PA. I have been an Virginia native all my life, with extensive travel to largely populated cities for my job. None of which routed me anywhere close to your area. With that being said, since Sunday April 6, 2014 I have done nothing but praise the residents of Bradford, PA and Olean, NY and the areas inbetween.

My daughter and her boyfriend were involved in a terrible accident on Route 219 southbound. They walked away from this accident with minimal physical injuries, and a great respect for your residents. The car ended up, upside down in a swampy area, they were both soaking wet and covered in mud. Your residents, not only stopped to assist, they partnered together form a chain and assist the two out of the mud. They were not concerned about their shoes getting muddy, getting wet or falling. They jumped to action and got them out.

Then a kind stranger gave my daughter a blanket and socks, since she had lost her shoes in the mud. Someone else gave her boyfriend a coat right off his back. As my daughter attempted to call me from the accident scene, there was a wonderful woman who quickly realized she was not making much sense. She took the phone from her, and clearly explained to me.. 8 hours away, were my daughter was, what happened, the extent of her injuries and the damage to the car. Theh she communicated my message back to my daughter to calm her down prior to her getting into the ambulance.

After I make my way 8 hours to them, get them checked out of the hospital and into a hotel to rest, I just continued to experience the wonderful, giving nature of your town. The Hospital, The Emergency Care workers (firs and ambulance), the hotel, the local CVS, the State Trooper who walked us back thru the accident scene, the tow truck operator and his wife, who were quick to supply us with trashbags to put their wet belonging in, everywhere we turned it was an incredible sense of giving.

I have lived outside of Washington, DC on the Virginia side for 20 years, commuting up and down a minimum of an hour one way for 10 of those years. I can honestly say, that type of giving mentality would likely not happen here.

Thank You Bradford, thank you so much for taking such good care of my little girl and her boyfriend, until I could get there. You are truly incredible people.

Angela L. Kier


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