“Little Ireland” in the Allegany State Park

By Stony

Since today is St Patrick’s Day, yesterday I did a hike into what was “Little Ireland” in the Allegany State Park. Some people are calling the old abandon settlement “New Ireland”, but I’ve always heard it called only “Little Ireland” by the locals.

Sign at the head of Irish Brook

Little Ireland was an Irish settlement that started in 1861 when the first Irish settler bought a piece of land that is now the Allegany State Park or the ASP.

The settlement was there from about 1861 to about the mid 1930’s or so. There were up to about 14-16 Irish families there during the busiest times for the settlement. All, or most of the residents came from the same area in Ireland.

The settlement started to break up when NYS started buying their property for the new state park. And the residents move out of the area for better access to work and to be closer to civilization. Since both the settlements at Rice Brook (to the north) and Irish Brook were “tucked away” in hard to reach hollows somewhat removed from the conveniences of modern life.

Many people flock to the area to explore what is left of the settlements of both Rice Brook and Irish Brook.

There are several ways to reach Rice Brook and Irish Brook, and there are even hiking and horse trails leading to them.

I prefer exploring in the colder weather before there are leaves on the trees, and snakes in the rock foundations to worry about!

One of the bigger foundations

A water well

The communial spring measures only 9PPM! Cleanest water in town!

The tree lined “Main Street Little Ireland”

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3 Comments for ““Little Ireland” in the Allegany State Park”

  1. patthedog

    We used to camp up there in the early 80s
    We would drive to the end of Rice Brook ( couldn’t go any farther than the pond ) and walk the rest of the way

  2. John Stony

    Pat, it’s shorter to go in from the Limestone/park entrance road. Just up and over a hill. The two bridges on Rice Brook have been washed out for some time and you can not drive to the pond any more. So to go in from Rice Brook is about 2/3rds longer than from the park road.

    • patthedog

      I think the last time we went, we went that way, right around where they had the pay booth, about half way up the hill.
      Might have to check out google earth to see what it looks like now
      i remember right before getting to the first foundation (rice brook way)
      that there was about a 10 acre spot where all the trees were broke off at the same height,

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