More Photo Evidence In BigFoot Sighting, Commenter Says No Uprooted Tree. Found Tracks


same no trees down

A commenter named “willhir20” says “it wasn’t an uprooted tree”. In the comment section “willhir20” has claimed to have visited the same site where the original sighting occurred and taken a series of photos. After walking to the spot, willhir20 claims there was no uprooted tree but did see what might be BigFoot tracks and took photos of them.

Here is his main comment from the article:

I have read most of the comments and I can tell you its not an uprooted tree unless aileans majicaly made it disaper. There were no stumpes on the ground and if there was the tree that it was in friont of was on a slite hill and there was about a foot and a half hole all the way around the tree. You can see nothing on the ground where it was at but furns and grass. What ever it was it was not an uprooted tree because it would still be there. Its 4.2 miles from t stop sign at park north to Bradford. there is a black colvert pipe there and a smale creek you can not see in pic.

Read His Comments On The Original Article

Read The Original Forum Topic

And the photos he posted there:


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14 Comments for “More Photo Evidence In BigFoot Sighting, Commenter Says No Uprooted Tree. Found Tracks”

  1. “These entities are working their understanding complexes through a series of what you would call karmic restitutions. They dwell within your deeper underground passageways and are known to you as “Bigfoot.”” – The Law of One

  2. Paul Matheson

    Check out my facebook page I loaded a couple photos that prove this was fake that I got from the BFRO. The guy that took them showed the root to PGC Officer Groshek last Friday night. So this was a big hoax and they were not photoshopped. Did you know you can test for that? Some idiots don’t.

  3. Paul Matheson

    Check out my Facebook page I posted a couple pictures I got from the BFRO that prove it was a hoax. PGC officer Groshek was there last Friday when they took them. They were’nt photoshoppped, did you know you can test for that? Some idiots don’t.

  4. jrch66

    Wow the site moderator just exposed the BFRO guy as a fake. Two people went and found no root ball and this fake bfro guy got caught scamming us buy the moderator.

  5. Paul Matheson

    He’s not a fake he was there. The PGC knows about it and they seen the guy last Friday! The PGC knows the root was there Friday.

  6. Paul Matheson

    Did you ever here of bad cop good cop? Investigators use this tactic and it works.

  7. Paul Matheson

    He wasn’t fake the PGC seen him in the woods Friday.

  8. willhir20

    so if he was there last Friday then the stump disaperd by sundy. put your money where your mouth is n go there for your self.

  9. willhir20

    I was there 2 days after he was. had a buch of bikers honken at us as they drove by because park was packed.

  10. willhir20

    I was there sunday

  11. willhir20

    come on paul quit being an arm chair quarterback get off your ass and letts go see this amazing disapering stump

  12. willhir20

    lets go there paul and if theres a stump or anytraces of a removed stump ill give you 100 buck. that’s funny if he was there last frieday and I was there last sundy the stump and all traceses just up and disapeard. people who wont go see for them self and just want too crisize have no room to talk.

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