Oak Hill Cemetery 2007

A View from Bradford’s Roof

A couple weeks ago, I travelled up the dirt path of East Main Street to the Oak Hill Cemetery. I had heard that the view was brilliant, but I had not seen the view from Bradford’s Roof yet. So I thought I’d take a climb.

I didn’t realize you can drive almost to the top    if the gates are open, but I walked anyway, and enjoyed the excercise.

I noticed a    disturbing number of gravestones tipped over in the lower part of the cemetery, and    determined it must be a favorite activity of local troublemakers.

Once I got to the top, I enjoyed a gorgeous view from the porch of the mausoleum     on top. ( I think the locals call it the tomb of Luke the Spook? Forgive me if I    disrespect anyone with that name.)

The leaves are mostly green, but a little color peeks through here and there.

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