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Time Inc. readies streaming TV network – CNET

The magazine publisher enters the video-streaming fray with an entertainment-focused network set to launch on Tuesday.

Why Kendall Jenner Rarely Addresses Her Love Life

Unlike most of her other family members who don't seem to mind when the world knows about the ups and downs of their love life,

Oliver Stone Talks Secrets, Spies, and Snowden

It feels inevitable that Oliver Stone would make a movie about Edward Snowden, who embodies themes the director has been drawn to in many of

Colliding Black Holes Tell the New Story of Stars

Just months after their discovery, gravitational waves coming from the mergers of black holes are shaking up astrophysics. The post Colliding Black Holes Tell the

Watching John Cho Play With Sulu Action Figures Is Oddly Captivating

It's gotta be weird being turned into a toy, right? The post Watching John Cho Play With Sulu Action Figures Is Oddly Captivating appeared first

London’s Selfless New Tube Map Encourages You to Walk, Not Ride

London updated its Tube map to show how many step it takes to walk between stations. The post London's Selfless New Tube Map Encourages You

‘Filled With Regret’: Geraldo Apologizes for Defending Ailes

Rivera had treated claims of sexual harassment against the Fox News CEO with skepticism, but said Tuesday he was wrong and apologized.

Meet the New ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’

Watch out ladies, adventurers, and coconuts, Dos Equis has a new "Most Interesting Man in the World."

Why Michelle says Obamas matter

First lady Michelle Obama says in a new interview that "it matters" African-American children are growing up seeing a black family in the White House.

Here’s Everything Apple Announced Today

There was a new iPhone, a new Watch, new wireless earpods, and some other little things. Read about all of it right here The post

Sony Announces 4K-Enabled PlayStation 4 Pro

Will Sony finally detail the new Neo model of PlayStation 4? Will there be more VR surprises? We'll let you know as it happens today.

Apple’s iOS 10 Is Coming to Your iPhone Sept. 13

Get ready for slammin' text messages. The post Apple's iOS 10 Is Coming to Your iPhone Sept. 13 appeared first on WIRED.

Does Atlanta Have to Be ‘Important,’ or Just Good?

On this week's podcast, the WIRED Culture team is discussing Donald Glover's new show for FX, and what it means for television. The post Does

Is This ’80s No. 1 Hit Really the ‘Worst Song Ever’?

It hit No. 1 on the Billboard chart, was nominated for a Grammy and was certified gold. But is this rock anthem really the worst

Liveblog: Apple Prepares to Unveil the iPhone 7

Join us for our liveblog! The post Liveblog: Apple Prepares to Unveil the iPhone 7 appeared first on WIRED.

Serena’s grand year

You know Serena Williams. We all know Serena Williams. She's been burning up the tennis world for 20 (!) years now. But it seems in

Get to Know These 5 Up-and-Comers With Famous Model Moms

There's a new generation of models on the rise and they all have one thing in common. Having a supermodel for a mom means living

Meet Charpu, the Drone-Racing Megastar Who Doesn’t Feel Like Racing

The only problem with the drone world's best-known pilot? He doesn't really want to race. In fact, he finds it kind of boring. The post

Britney Spears — Threatens to Sue Mag … I’m Done Being a Punching Bag

Britney Spears wants the media to know ... she's going after you if you tell lies about her, and she's starting with "In Touch." TMZ

The Rhinoceros Beetle Proves That Men Are the Literal Worst

Male rhinoceros beetles use huge scoops on their heads to joust, launching each other off branches to win the right to mate. The post The

​Pay what you want for this Mad Magazine Humble Bundle – CNET

This bundle of magazines delivers Mad's satirical takes on "South Park," Justin Bieber and Dane Cook, to name a few, while raising money for the

Switching to Wireless Headphones? Here Are 13 Great Options

Like it or not, it's probably time for iPhone owners to switch to Bluetooth. The post Switching to Wireless Headphones? Here Are 13 Great Options

Meet the Physicist Searching for Dark Matter’s Hidden Light

The physicist Tracy Slatyer is searching for faint wisps of dark matter annihilating in the early universe—and perhaps in hiding places closer to home. The

Judge Rejects Rolling Stone’s Bid to Kill Frat’s Lawsuit

The ruling keeps alive a fraternity's defamation suit after it was named in a discredited magazine story about a rape at the University of Virginia.

Facebook Wants Its Advertisers To Be Better on Mobile

Which is great for Facebook. The post Facebook Wants Its Advertisers To Be Better on Mobile appeared first on WIRED.

Alas, the Sunrise App’s Dead—But Try These 7 Other Calendars

With Sunrise finally off in the sunset, try one of these calendar apps instead. The post Alas, the Sunrise App's Dead—But Try These 7 Other

Stranger Things Season 2 Is Happening! Here’s Its Mysterious Teaser

Break out those walkie-talkies, pump up the bicycle tires, and string up your holiday lights, because the beloved series is returning in 2017. The post

Hailey Baldwin Reveals Her Celebrity Crush… and It’s Not Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber isn't the only celeb Hailey Baldwin's had her eye on. Dishing to ES Magazine on all things fame, the 19-year-old model couldn't

Rob Kardashian Credits Blac Chyna for Getting Him Through His "Darkest Times": "I Missed Out on So Many Things"

Rob Kardashian is back in the spotlight to stay--thanks to his future wife. From the moment Blac Chyna commemorated "the beginning" of her unexpected

Stranger Things Season Two’s Happening and the Teaser’s Intriguing

Break out those walkie-talkies, pump up the bicycle tires, and string up your holiday lights, because the beloved series is returning in 2017. The post

Pregnant Blac Chyna Looks Forward to Showing People That She’s Not Just Some ”Stripper Ho”

Blac Chyna is baring it all, both physically and mentally. The pregnant model and entrepreneur, who is expecting her first child with Rob Kardashian, posed

Selena Gomez Is Taking Time Off Due to Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression Stemming From Her Lupus Diagnosis

Selena Gomez needs some time away from the spotlight. The singer, who recently wrapped up her Revival world tour, released a statement today to explain

How Quickly Climate Change Is Accelerating, in 167 Maps

Blue stands for cooler temperatures, and red for warmer ones. Over time, these maps get really red. The post How

Bet Your Whole Kitchen Can’t Tuck Into a Closet Like in This Tokyo Pad

The key to micro-living is multifunctionality. Minorpoet's design proves multipurpose-ing one's home needn't involve a levitating bed or a robot wall. The post Bet Your

From Beyonc�’s Performance to Kanye West’s Music Video: See the Most Shocking Moments From the 2016 MTV VMAs

The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards took place in New York City last night and we have all the jaw-dropping details! From Beyonc�'s performance to

Blac Chyna vs. Kim Kardashian: Compare Their Super-Sexy Naked Paper Magazine Covers!

It's naked Paper magazine cover vs. naked Paper magazine cover! As everyone knows by now, Blac Chyna just followed in Kim Kardashian's bare-bottomed footsteps

Opinion: Don’t judge Huma Abedin

Sunday night, the New York Post published photos that appeared to have been sent last year between former US Rep. Anthony Weiner and a "busty

Pregnant Blac Chyna Gets Completely Naked on the Cover of Paper Magazine (Just Like Kim Kardashian)

Blac Chyna is taking a page from Kim Kardashian's book, literally. The future star of E!'s newest series Rob & Chyna is baring her all

Juan Gabriel: 5 things you should know about the late music legend

The death of Latin American music legend Juan Gabriel is heartbreaking news for throngs of fans who've followed his music career for decades.

Apple’s iPhone Jamboree Is Coming September 7

Giddyup for some new iPhone action. The post Apple's iPhone Jamboree Is Coming September 7 appeared first on WIRED.

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