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Blue Raspberry Gives You a Solid USB Mic on the Go

The mic drops a size. The post Blue Raspberry Gives You a Solid USB Mic on the Go appeared first on WIRED.

How Mercedes-AMG Wraps Drivers in Sensual Luxury

Daimler's head of design explains how he creates an experience that will appeal to people who can spend $250,000 on a two-door convertible. The post

Donald Trump’s trouble with women — an incomplete list

As Hillary Clinton on Monday night reeled off a litany of insults he had leveled against women through the years, including some nasty nicknames for

Congress Will Soon Lose These Crucial Science Advocates

A number of science-minded members of Congress are retiring after this term, and that means crucial initiatives could be in jeopardy. The post Congress Will

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber Split After 11 Years

Schreiber, 47, and Watts, 48 were not married but have two children together.

Campo Santo, Good Universe Team for Firewatch Film and More

In collaboration with Good Universe, game devs Campo Santo are going to produce content for both film and games, starting with a Firewatch movie. The

China’s Massive High Speed Rail Makes a Massive Mess

Even as China's high-speed rail system connects people, it divides communities. The post China’s Massive High Speed Rail Makes a Massive Mess appeared first on

Time Might Only Exist in Your Head. And Everyone Else’s

To physics, time has no direction. Until you come along and give it a past, present, and future. The post Time Might Only Exist in

Release the Infinite Monkeys to Make VR Great

Release the infinite monkeys into VR, and in not too long, someone’s going to pound out some Shakespeare. The post Release the Infinite Monkeys to

If You Want Creative Kids, Hand Them Something Simple

Toy versions of adult devices abound. But it's better to give your kid something that just works. The post If You

Space Photos of the Week: Dying Star Insists on Being Dramatic About It

Space photos of the week, September 18 — 24, 2016. The post Space Photos of the Week: Dying Star Insists on Being Dramatic About It

What’s Inside Blue Ballpoint Ink? Fatty Acids and Alcohol

Patents for ballpoint pens go back to the late 1800s, but it took half a century to develop good, fast-drying inks

Lindsey Stirling’s sterling YouTube career – CNET

From CNET Magazine: The violinist, dancer and composer is blurring the line between internet and mainstream fame, one video at a time.

Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano Makes an Ashy Mess for Airports

Vigorous explosive eruptions at Turrialba in Costa Rica have made an ashy mess for air travelers. The post Costa Rica's Turrialba Volcano Makes an Ashy

Child Abuse Claim Triggers Investigation of Brad Pitt

The probe stems from an incident on a private plane.

Mia Farrow’s Son Thaddeus Dead at Age 27

Mia Farrow's son Thaddeus Farrow has passed away. The actress and longtime activist's 27-year-old son died from an injury stemming from a car accident, TMZ

That Brilliant Emmys Telecast Has Us Jonesing for Fall TV

On this week's WIRED Culture podcast we're talking about just how great TV is right now. (And it really is!) The post That Brilliant Emmys

This dartboard brings your bar game to the web (Open_Tab) – CNET

Turn your tablet into a local scoreboard with the Guz2 electronic dartboard, which also lets you throw real darts against others through online multiplayer.

Watch George Clooney Find Out the News That Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Are Divorcing

It's safe to say George Clooney didn't see this Hollywood split coming. While many pop culture fans woke up to the surprising news that Angelina

Lin-Manuel Miranda Sings Donald Trump Tweets

While sitting on a double-decker tour bus through New York City, Lin-Manuel Miranda added melodies to three of Donald Trump's tweets.

Watch Design Legend Tinker Hatfield Draw Nike’s New Self-Lacing Shoe for Our Cover

Watch Tinker Hatfield sketch the inspirations for the power-lacing HyperAdapt 1.0. The post Watch Design Legend Tinker Hatfield Draw Nike's New Self

Model Stella Maxwell — My Nipple Helps Me Stick Out (PHOTOS)

Victoria's Secret Angel ;Stella Maxwell ;-- Miley Cyrus' old ;hookup ;chick ;-- either broke or embraced rule number 1 by rolling up to the Love

From Tailwind to VaporMax, the Evolution of Nike’s AIR Line

Highlights and hiccups from the earliest AIR model to the latest in Nike's attempts to realize the dream of running on nothing but air. The

Eiza Gonz�lez Shares the Not-So-Glamorous Side of Acting

All in a day's work, right? Eiza Gonz�lez shared what she had to do today, and it doesn't really seem like much fun. "At @gnicotero

Is losing the headphone jack from a phone a dealbreaker? (Open_Tab) – CNET

We hash out whether losing the decades-old port matters in this excerpt from Open_Tab.

Rigged Pressure Cookers Have Long History as IEDs

In 2010, al-Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen published an article titled "Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom" in the first edition of their

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Turn Heads While Supporting Bella Hadid at London Fashion Week

Between the runway and this A-list couple, we don't know where to look first. As London Fashion Week kicks into high gear this weekend, pop

Mike Colter is ready for his close-up – CNET

From CNET Magazine: The actor plays "Luke Cage" as more of a "man of the people" than most Marvel superheroes, but that doesn't make Cage

Oliver Stone’s cautionary ‘Snowden’ will leave you paranoid – CNET

A restrained Joseph Gordon-Levitt anchors Stone's bold biopic, which sometimes seems like a long public service announcement about privacy.

This robot will get your beer pong party started (Open_Tab) – CNET

Pongbot, an electronic twist on the age-old game of beer pong, is currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Why Kanye West Is Comparing Himself to Vanellope From Wreck-It Ralph

Kanye West received quite a bit of criticism following his Yeezy Season 4 show at New York Fashion Week, but that's something he's grown accustomed

Ashley Graham Opens Up About Toxic Relationships and Learning to Accept Her Body: "I Was So Insecure"

Ashley Graham wasn't born confident. The gorgeous model had to learn to love her body like many others who came before her and many others

Playboy Sales Soar After Magazine Drops Nudity

Apparently people DO read Playboy magazine for the articles.

Ruth Wilson Dismisses Joshua Jackson Romance Rumors as "Boring Gossip"

Ruth Wilson is not here for speculation she's dating her The Affair co-star Joshua Jackson. Shortly after Jackson and Diane Kruger called it quits

Celebrity Divorce 101: How Hollywood Lawyers Manage Messy Breakups

When it comes to the surprising splits of the rich and famous, there is plenty of strategy involved behind the scenes to keep it all

Travis Scott — Club Gig Turns into All-Star Rap Show (PHOTO GALLERY & VIDEO)

Travis Scott got a whole lotta support from his most famous rap friends during a club appearance ... when Rick Ross and Juicy J grabbed

Carla Hayden Makes History Heading Library of Congress

Carla Hayden spoke with NBC News to discuss heading the Library of Congress. She's the first woman and first African-American in the role.

Gigi Hadid Reveals What Turns Her on the Most About Boyfriend Zayn Malik

What is it about Zayn Malik that turns Gigi Hadid on the most? We're sure a lot of you are already rattling off a list

These Colleges Top U.S. News Rankings … Yet Again

Schools are ranked on up to 15 different measures of academic quality, with the most emphasis on graduation and retention rates.

Inside a Strange Three-Day, Hand-Crafted Mission to Europa

Adam Savage, prop designer and Mythbuster, explores the sublime handmade brilliance (and deep space nerdery) of artist Tom Sachs. The post Inside a Strange Three-Day,

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