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Next gen Galaxy Note phones could use the S Pen as a speaker – CNET

A new patent shows a design that'd have audio emitted by the S Pen or its enclosure, removing the need for a speaker grille.

Four Months in, I Still Can’t Get Enough Overwatch

Overwatch is a vibrant game with a vibrant community. Four months in, it still feels like one of the best games on the market right

iPhone 7 Plus ‘portrait’ mode does background blur better – CNET

The public beta of iOS 10.1 brings the iPhone 7 Plus depth-of-field effect -- and a perfect excuse for us to post pretty pictures of

If Your Phone is So Good, Do You Need a ‘Real’ Camera?

Now that the camera is a pinnacle feature on everyone's smartphone, is a fancy DSLR camera even necessary any more?

Trim your wireless bill — skip that phone upgrade – CNET

In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNET's Marguerite Reardon explains why wireless customers should resist the temptation to get a new phone every two years.

Release the Infinite Monkeys to Make VR Great

Release the infinite monkeys into VR, and in not too long, someone’s going to pound out some Shakespeare. The post Release the Infinite Monkeys to

That’s Bubble Talk

This week: The state of the camera industry, and thoughts on messaging platforms. The post That's Bubble Talk appeared first on WIRED.

CNET UK podcast 499: Hissing iPhones, GoPro’s wee new drone and should Google ditch phones? – CNET

Would Google be better off out of the phone game? We ask the tough questions on the UK's best tech podcast.

​How water-resistant is the iPhone 7? – CNET

We put Apple's iPhone 7 through a series of dunk tests for our Breaking Point series to see if we could drown it.

Beats won’t have a new Studio Wireless headphone in 2016 – CNET

A sequel to Beats over-ear wireless noise-canceling headphone isn't coming anytime soon, CNET has learned.

Elsewhere’s $50 phone frames turn videos 3D, and boy do they pop – CNET

Black plastic glasses from a tiny wife-and-husband startup hook onto an iPhone to make any movie, show or

Sony announces Xperia prices – CNET

The company will start selling its new Xperia X Compact this weekend.

Meet Elsewhere: $50 plastic frames that turn any video 3D – CNET

A tiny wife-and-husband start-up developed $50 black plastic glasses that hook onto an iPhone to make any movie, show or clip feel like you're watching

A Concept Gadget Gives Digital Currency That Real Money Feel

Scrip is designed to explore how we might interact more meaningfully with our digital currency. The post A Concept Gadget Gives Digital Currency That Real

Sorry Verizon customers, no unlimited data for you – CNET

"At the end of the day, people don't need unlimited plans," says Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo.

A pro surfer rips it with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to see which fares best – CNET

Kai Lenny is used to navigating everything the ocean throws at him, but can Apple's latest survive the Pacific breaks at his side?

Apple’s ‘Portrait’ mode comes into focus – CNET

A new version of iOS 10 will help you make the most of the twin cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus.

The iPhone 7 costs Apple more than you think – CNET

According to a new teardown from IHS Markit, the cost of the new device jumped about 18 percent from last year's

Obama: Social media explosion has given power to the powerless – CNET

When President Obama and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon came into power, the mobile Internet and social media were still

​SanDisk shows off 1-terabyte flash memory card – CNET

The Extreme Pro SDXC card prototype isn't on sale yet but it could appeal to videographers shooting a lot of high-resolution 4K video.

Unlike Trump Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative Has Data to Prove Its Worth

At this week's final Clinton Global Initiative meeting, Bill Clinton took the stage to show the receipts. The post Unlike Trump Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative

Google’s New Vacation App Was 280 Years In the Making

A new Google app called Trips will plan all your sightseeing---thanks to the Leonhard Euler, the Bridges of Königsberg, and little GPS. The post Google's

Sprint will keep its half-off promos through the holidays – CNET

But the company plans on cutting down its pricing plans to just a few simple options.

6 ways Apple’s new smart home app succeeds (and 5 ways it still needs work) – CNET

After a week with the new iOS 10 app, we lay out the best and worst of Apple's Home.

Passengers Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Are Ship Outta Luck

The Christmas sci-fi thriller finds two of our brightest Earth-bound stars getting lost (and maybe a little lusty?) in

Social Cues: Tulsa police shooting of unarmed man sparks outrage – CNET

Footage of an officer killing Terence Crutcher, a black man whose car had stalled, enrages the masses on Twitter.

Cloudflare Launches a Three-Pronged Attack to Encrypt the Entire Web

The Internet infrastructure company Cloudflare is adding three new encryption features to protect more web traffic from prying eyes. The post Cloudflare Launches a Three-Pronged

Social Cues: Tulsa police shooting of unarmed man sparks protest – CNET

"Extremely disturbing" footage of an officer killing Terence Crutcher provokes outrage on Twitter.

WIRED Pilot Program: The Good Place

This new NBC comedy stars Kristen Bell as the one mean dead person in a well-mannered heavenly community. Will it be as good as its

How Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus melds two cameras into one – CNET

Apple employs computational tricks to set its phones even farther apart from traditional digital cameras -- and most of the rest of the phone pack.

Sony’s New Flagship Camera May Be Its Best Ever

The long-awaited Alpha A99 II has a superpowered autofocus system, capable of keeping 12 shots sharp every second. The post Sony's New Flagship Camera May

What if You Could Build Your Own Internet Fast Lanes?

Net neutrality advocates worry about companies like Comcast creating Internet fast lanes that advantage certain sites over others. But what if you could make your

Man buys his dog 8 iPhone 7s

Apple fans lined up across China last week to get their hands on the latest iPhone, while others tried to smuggle handsets in from Hong

The ultimate Apple iPhone quiz – CNET

The iPhone has changed a lot over the last nine years. How closely have you been paying attention?

Psst… That iPhone 7 Hissing Sound Is Likely Not a Problem

Some new iPhone 7s greeted their owners with a hissy fit.

Final Fantasy XV Goes Old School to Keep Relevant

The Blue Screen of Text is back, as the franchise mines the past to secure its future. The post Final Fantasy XV Goes Old School

The Award for Awards Show That Actually Got It Right Goes to…the Emmys

Diversity got celebrated at every turn. Streaming services dominated. And Leslie Jones took on her Twitter hackers. Last night's Emmys were great. The post The

​iPhone 7 ‘Hissgate:’ CNET Update viewers share their experiences – CNET

More reports of iPhone 7 "hissing" come from Update viewers, Samsung begins Note 7 exchange, and Google is busy making apps to improve our travel

iPhone 7’s display is "visually indistinguishable from perfect," says testing firm DisplayMate – CNET

With supreme color accuracy, a record high contrast ratio, super performance in ambient lighting and the highest peak brightness measured for any smartphone, DisplayMate claims

Why the iPhone 7’s Screen Looks So Amazing Despite Its Dated Tech

Apple squeezes every last bit of performance out of LCD. The post Why the iPhone 7’s Screen Looks So Amazing Despite Its Dated Tech appeared

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