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Are you willing to die for Elon Musk’s Mars mission? (The 3:59, Ep. 114) – CNET

Also: We talk about the pseudo-death of BlackBerry phones and discuss Facebook taking on Slack.

What’s Your Ideal Running Speed to Conserve Energy?

Clearly running faster uses more energy. But at what speed does a human use the least amount of energy? Here is a model with estimates.

Get a First Look at the New Fall-Themed Big Brother: Over the Top House

Big Brother may have just ended, but it's about to start right over again. This time, however, things are a little different. Big Brother:

Kardashian-Jenner spat over party?

For once a tweeting celeb is not claiming to have been hacked.

Kids review the presidential debate

A group of middle-schoolers in New Jersey, all members of their school's student council, were dismayed by the performances of both Donald Trump and Hillary

The War on City Parking Just Got Serious

The White House deals a (symbolic) blow to neighborhoods hoping to keep precious spots all to themselves. The post The War on City Parking Just

Hillary Clinton Confronts Millennial Voter Woes

First Read is a morning briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they

Typhoon turbine could power Japan for 50 years

"Typhoons are normally nothing but a disaster," says Atsushi Shimizu.

What the most challenged books say about us

It used to be that sex and offensive language were the most frequently cited reasons for attempts to remove books from schools and libraries. And,

Mandy Moore Weighs in on Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderrama Dating Rumors

Mandy Moore is not in a love triangle with Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderrama. As Moore told Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live

Kate Hudson Is Making an Album: "Music Is My Life"

Is there anything Kate Hudson can't do? The Deepwater Horizon actress revealed Tuesday that in addition to making movies and designing an athleisure collection, she

How Mercedes-AMG Wraps Drivers in Sensual Luxury

Daimler's head of design explains how he creates an experience that will appeal to people who can spend $250,000 on a two-door convertible. The post

WIRED Binge-Watching Guide: Star Wars Rebels

The third season of the series set between the prequel trilogy and 'A New Hope' just began. Here's what to watch to get caught up.

Facebook at Work to start doing the business next month – CNET

Facebook's tool for businesses is reported to be ready to take on Slack and other business-focussed rivals.

Analysis: Trump Speaks of a Black America That No Longer Exists

In Monday's debate, Donald Trump sounded like a man who had stopped reading the news about black Americans in 1987.

Drake’s ‘Views’ is the first album to hit 1 billion Apple Music streams – CNET

Drake's year of domination continues as his once Apple-exclusive album hits another milestone.

Serena Williams on Racial Tensions: ‘I Won’t Be Silent’

Read More…

Shimon Peres Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of former president of Israel Shimon Peres.

Monday’s Presidential Debate Was Most Watched Ever

More than 84 million viewers watched the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, shattering previous records.

How This Is Us’ Makeup Artist Aged Mandy Moore By 30 Years

The big reveal at the end of This Is Us was shocking enough, but the show saved a pretty huge surprise for the end of

Dancing with the Stars Week 3: Who Went Home?

Why must you do this to us, Dancing with the Stars? All we wanted was to see some musical performances and find out who

Donald Trump’s trouble with women — an incomplete list

As Hillary Clinton on Monday night reeled off a litany of insults he had leveled against women through the years, including some nasty nicknames for

Trump-Clinton debate sets records online and on TV – CNET

An estimated 84 million people watched the presidential debate on television, says Nielsen. Millions more joined the fray online.

Why Justin Theroux Was Scared to Meet Emily Blunt’s New Baby

Justin Theroux met Emily Blunt's new baby, three-month-old Violet, while they were in New York City yesterday promoting their new movie The Girl On the

Mission to Mars: Musk Makes a Case for Colonizing Red Planet

Elon Musk wants going to Mars to cost about the same as buying a home.

And the First Show to Get a Full-Season Pickup Is…

And the first show of the 2016-17 TV season to get a full-season pickup is...not a surprise whatsoever! This Is Us, a.k.a. NBC's tear-jerking new

Congress Will Soon Lose These Crucial Science Advocates

A number of science-minded members of Congress are retiring after this term, and that means crucial initiatives could be in jeopardy. The post Congress Will

The Crown Trailer: Netflix Goes Big-Budget Across the Pond

The biographical series covering Queen Elizabeth II's life aims to compete with historical dramas in the UK and appeal to American Anglophiles. The post The

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teased on Michel Ancel’s Instagram

Long-in-the-works sequel to the 2003 classic adventure game could finally be happening. The post Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teased

Clinton: Debate Exposed Trump’s ‘Dangerously Incoherent’ Policies

A beaming Hillary Clinton touted her debate performance here Tuesday, calling Donald Trump "dangerously incoherent" while deconstructing several of the Republican nominee's most memorable moments.

Trump to America: You’re a Disaster

Did Donald Trump convince Americans on Monday night that their country is in deep trouble?

WIRED’s Cheat Sheet to the Feisty First Presidential Debate

Here's how the candidates stacked up on topics related to security, innovation, tech jobs, climate change, and other issues impacting the WIRED world. The post

The Best Memes From the First Presidential Debate

Sniff. Shimmy. Shake. The post The Best Memes From the First Presidential Debate appeared first on WIRED.

Clinton camp: She’s ready if Trump talks infidelity

Hillary Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook said the Democratic candidate will be prepared if Donald Trump mentions her husband's past affairs at the next debate.

If you’re thinking of buying a Hyundai, you might want to speed it up – Roadshow

The first nationwide strike in Korea in over a decade could put the kibosh on Hyundai's manufacturing.

Who’s Behind the Designated Survivor Bombing? President Kiefer Sutherland Wants the Truth

Kiefer Sutherland's Tom Kirkman hasn't had much time to adjust to being president on Designated Survivor, but there's so much to be done in his

Campaign manager: Clinton ready if Trump talks infidelity

Hillary Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook said the Democratic candidate will be prepared if Donald Trump mentions her husband's past affairs at the next debate.

First Fences Trailer Shows Front-Yard Family Drama

The Christmas family drama promises high-stakes, racially charged emotion behind a 1950s picket fence. The post First Fences Trailer Shows Front-Yard Family Drama appeared first

Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ mixtapes get some kid brothers – CNET

The streaming-music service launches Daily Mix, a handful of playlists meant to let you sit back and hear tunes Spotify already believes you like best.

Gigi Hadid Writes About Milan Attack for Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter: "I Do Have That Fighter in Me"

Gigi Hadid wants to be an example for young women. When Vitalii Sediuk, a man who has gained notoriety for physically accosting a handful of

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