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Ted Cruz Announces He’ll Vote for Trump

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who during the Republican presidential primary called Donald Trump a 'pathological liar,' endorsed the GOP nominee on Friday.

Debate Preparation Shows Gulf Between Campaigns

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump appear to be preparing for their highly anticipated Monday night debate showdown in much different ways.

Poll: Clinton’s lead shrinks in Colorado and Virginia

Donald Trump's rebound in national polls extends to four swing states in which he has either narrowed the margin by which he trailed Hillary Clinton

Reality check: Trump’s view of black America really, really, wrong

At a rally in North Carolina on Tuesday, Donald Trump, the Republican nominee states: "Our African American communities are absolutely in the worst shape they've

Republicans offer new app to spur voter registration – CNET

GOP hopes the Lead Right 2016 app will help the party reach voters during home stretch of the election season.

Trump Reacts to Shootings, Don King Uses N-word

Donald Trump on Wednesday reacted for the first time to the police shootings of black men in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina, saying he

Trump Jr.’s anti-refuge tweet used picture taken by refugee – CNET

The presidential candidate's son drew swift attention on social media when he tweeted a photo of Skittles to offer his interpretation of the refugee issue.

Donald Trump Jr. steps in it again (and again)

Donald Trump Jr., the candidate's eldest child, is one of his father's most ferocious advocates.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Sings Donald Trump Tweets

While sitting on a double-decker tour bus through New York City, Lin-Manuel Miranda added melodies to three of Donald Trump's tweets.

Trump repeats lie that he was against Iraq war from start

Did he really say that again? And again?

Angelina Jolie Divorces Brad Pitt As World Continues to Crumble Around Them

And journalists are trying to hide this important news from you. The post Angelina Jolie Divorces Brad Pitt As World Continues to Crumble Around Them

Jimmy Fallon — Unpacking Trump’s ‘Bag’ with Hillary (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon finally hosted Hillary Clinton on his late night show -- and they did exactly what you'd expect ... take shots at Donald Trump.

Senator: Stopping immigration would be terrible loss

Sen. Angus King said Tuesday shutting down immigration until the system is perfect would be "a terrible loss" for the United States.

Reality Check: Trump wrong on ISIS

Interviewed Monday on Fox News Channel's "Fox and Friends," Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, declared that Americans have traveled overseas, fought for ISIS and

The anatomy of a white, working-class Trump voter

Ivanka Trump, Paul Ryan meet

Ivanka Trump, the Republican presidential nominee's daughter, met with House Speaker Paul Ryan in New York on Monday, an aide to the Republican congressman confirmed

Johnson denies rumor that Weld is dropping out

Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson has denied rumors that his running mate Bill Weld may drop off the ticket over concerns their campaign could hurt

Trump Grabs the Spotlight Again in All the Negative Ways

First Read is a morning briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they

Jeb Bush is a hilarious Uber driver at the Emmys – CNET

Technically Incorrect: In a skit with Jimmy Kimmel, the former Republican candidate explains that he's between jobs.

iPhone 7 practically magical (but not quite), Apple claims in new ads – CNET

Technically Incorrect: On Sunday, Apple released new moody ads. Very moody.

Christie falsely claims Trump hadn’t talked ‘birther’ for years

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Sunday Donald Trump's questioning of President Barack Obama's birthplace was "done," arguing that Trump hasn't talked about it for

What Obama would consider ‘a personal insult’

Take a look at the week in politics from September 11 through September 17.

Why Democrats are so anxious

Donald Trump's reversal on the "birther" controversy is shifting attention -- at least for the moment -- from a a major shift in the presidential

Why Democrats are anxious

Donald Trump's reversal on the "birther" controversy is shifting attention -- at least for the moment -- from a a major shift in the presidential

Trump Once Again Alludes to Violence Against Clinton

Donald Trump mixed policy with intimations of violence in Miami on Friday.

Trump, Obama & Clinton — Dragged Into LAPD Death Threat Investigation

President Obama, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ;may not all be square politically, but they're all in the same boat, because they're now part of

Trump concedes Obama born in US

Trump reversed himself on the issue that propelled him into national politics five years ago. But the issue isn't likely to die down any time

Trump concedes Obama born in US, blames Clinton for lie

Trump reversed himself on the issue that propelled him into national politics five years ago. But the issue isn't likely to die down any time

Villains Other Than Trump Who Jimmy Fallon Definitely Grilled Once

It wasn't the first time the host bailed on asking the tough questions, if we remember correctly. The post Villains Other Than Trump Who Jimmy

Clinton: Trump Should Apologize for ‘Birther’ Talk

Read More…

Adviser: Addressing birtherism is up to Trump

Any decision by Donald Trump to publicly say whether he believes President Barack Obama was born in the US is only up to him, campaign

Watch Jimmy Fallon Mess Up Donald Trump’s Hair

The impossible has finally been accomplished--someone touched Donald Trump's famous mane. Not only did Jimmy Fallon get his hands on the Republican presidential nominee's

Trump Lets Fallon Mess His Famous Hairdo on ‘Tonight Show’

"The people in New Hampshire, where I am going an hour from now, I hope they understand," Trump says before Fallon tussles the candidate's famous

Pence: I’m getting ‘whiff of desperation’ from Dems

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said Thursday that he's "starting to get a whiff of desperation from the other side" when it comes to rhetoric from

Trump’s doctor: He has the stamina

Donald Trump released Thursday a letter from his doctor detailing some of his medical information, showing him to be in good health and including a

Dr. Oz After Trump Interview: I Am a Real Doctor

Dr. Oz defends Donald Trump's appearance on his television programs, and says he hopes Hillary Clinton accepts his invitation.

Trump son: America can’t handle seeing Trump’s 12,000-page tax return

Donald Trump's son said his father can't release his tax returns because that would allow voters to scrutinize them in a way that would detract

Ivanka Trump ends interview abruptly

Ivanka Trump cut short an interview with Cosmopolitan published Wednesday after being asked about some of Donald Trump's past comments about childcare and maternity leave.

Trump doesn’t exercise: What we learned from Dr. Oz interview

Donald Trump, the man whose doctor claims would be the "healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency," doesn't exercise, wants to lose at least 15

Democratic Super PAC to Pay For Dirt on Trump

A Democratic super PAC is taking the unusual step of offering bounties for unflattering information about Donald Trump.

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