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See a huge fighter jet model shatter in mid-flight – CNET

A beautiful and massive scale replica of a fighter jet takes a tragic final journey and the whole incident is caught on video.

Are emergency mobile alerts now being used to stop terrorism? – CNET

New Yorkers experienced a mass push notification this morning during a manhunt.

Geeky kids from ‘Stranger Things’ were the coolest at Emmys – CNET

Even when they're not flipping vans and fighting Demogorgons, the kids from "Stranger Things" are still kicking ass.

Jurassic World Improv and 4 More Podcasts to Start Your Week

We've also got 'casts on auditioning for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' love in comedy, and how pop songs trigger your emotions. The post Jurassic

The Best Superheroes Right Now Aren’t on Screens. They’re in Books

In a rather dismal summer for superheroes, these three novels are bringing some much-needed fun to superhero storytelling. The post The Best Superheroes Right Now

Jeb Bush is a hilarious Uber driver at the Emmys – CNET

Technically Incorrect: In a skit with Jimmy Kimmel, the former Republican candidate explains that he's between jobs.

Join WIRED’s Emmys 2016 Liveblog

A lot of very excellent people from a lot of amazing TV shows are vying for Emmys dominance tonight. We'll be liveblogging the whole thing

Design FX: Inside the Studio That Makes Orphan Black’s Star Fight Herself

The BBC America series stars Tatiana Maslany playing over 10 different clones who constantly interact. Here's how they shoot a climactic fight sequence. The post

Come on Hollywood, Give Us an X Prize Movie Already

There's so much drama in the X Prize story, it would easily make a movie. Just ask the woman who wrote the book on it.

Stories Hide in the Design of DC’s Newest Museum

David Adjaye, lead designer of the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture, uses technology to fuse architecture with story. The post Stories

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey joins push to #PardonSnowden – CNET

Dorsey joins a growing list of public figures calling for a presidential pardon for NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

The Grand Tour hits the road with Amazon Prime on November 18 – Roadshow

It feels like it's been forever since we've seen Clarkson, Hammond and May on television.

Algorithms Could Save Book Publishing—But Ruin Novels

From analyzing a book's prospects to figuring out what subjects people are clamoring for, data is bigger in publishing than ever. But how much is

This robot will get your beer pong party started (Open_Tab) – CNET

Pongbot, an electronic twist on the age-old game of beer pong, is currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Reviews for the iPhone 7/7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2 and AirPods are in. (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 55) – CNET

Don't wait for the iPhone 7 Plus at an Apple Store. The rumored Apple and Tidal Music acquisition is not happening, and we list our

The Tomorrow Children for PS4 Isn’t Good, But It Is Bizarre

Sony's newest first-party PlayStation 4 title, a free-to-play city-building game, is one of the strangest videogames I've ever played. The post The Tomorrow Children for

Bats & Supes: How Rob Lowe will save the world – CNET

Podcast: Now with added special guest! We roped CNET editor Iyaz Akhtar into joining us for one very strange, very weird special episode.

Nocturnal Animals Teaser Trailer: Get Ready to Go to Some Dark Places

Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, and a bunch of other ridiculously good-looking people star in director Tom Ford's award-winning thriller. The post Nocturnal Animals Teaser Trailer:

Nocturnal Animals Trailer: Get Ready to Go to Some Dark Places

Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, and a bunch of other ridiculously good-looking people star in director Tom Ford's award-winning thriller. The post Nocturnal Animals Trailer: Get

6 Apps To Get You Through The Presidential Election

Because keeping up on your own is getting impossible. The post 6 Apps To Get You Through The Presidential Election appeared first on WIRED.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ delayed until May – CNET

The show's executive producers say a few extra few months will help them "achieve a vision we can all be proud of."

This Ebook Publisher Doesn’t Have Authors. It Has Writers’ Rooms

Serial Box releases its novels the way networks release TV episodes—it writes them that way, too. The post This Ebook Publisher Doesn't Have Authors. It

Control-alt-delete brass knuckles reboot your fashion sense – CNET

A set of 3D-printed keyboard keys worn on your fingers evokes the classic PC "three-finger salute."

Holy opinions! Director reveals new Batman suit, Twitter hoots about his goggles – CNET

Some sharp-eyed fans are calling "Watchmen" on the Tactical Batsuit.

Who We Think Will Win Big at the Emmys

Clear some space on your mantle, FX. The post Who We Think Will Win Big at the Emmys appeared first on WIRED.

Saudi girl proposes headscarf emoji to Unicode Consortium – CNET

A 15-year-old Saudi girl living in Germany realized that she -- a Muslim who wears headscarves -- wasn't represented by any of the existing emojis

Gmail outage hits US, Europe – CNET

Google reckons with a service disruption to its extensive email network.

Gmail is down in US, Europe – CNET

Google confirms that its extensive email network has had a service disruption.

Gmail is down internationally, disrupting work flows – CNET

Google confirmed its extensive email network had a service disruption on Wednesday morning.

WIRED Binge-Watching Guide: Pokémon: Indigo League

With the resurgence in popularity if the first generation of Pokemon, here's what to watch to get through the first installment of the anime series.

Gab, the Alt-Right’s Very Own Twitter, Is The Ultimate Filter Bubble

Brand new social media platform Gab will not censor you. So does that make it a free speech utopia, or just troll heaven? The post

Snowden’s Shailene Woodley: ‘Privacy Is a Privilege’

The star, who plays Edward Snowden's girlfriend in Oliver Stone's new film, says that the world no longer treats privacy as a human right. The

Carrie Brownstein’s New Social Media Satire Film Is Brilliant

The short stars Natasha Lyonne and takes a slightly twisted look at what would happen if all those things people said online were actually real.

Spotify rocks the vote, launches weekly blasts of election-related video – CNET

The music service, touting 21 million US listeners under the age of 35, has the attention of the largest voting demographic in the 2016 election.

Ken Block’s Gymkhana 9 is a badass return to form – Roadshow

Fewer gimmicks and some properly prodigious car control.

Deleted mall scene is everything X-Men Apocalypse should have been – CNET

It needed 200 percent more Jubilee, though.

Darth Vader version of Simon breathes in his own creepy way – CNET

This new version of the memory game is shaped like Vader's famed helmet and even plays "The Imperial March."

​Fake food: Google Doodle celebrates invention of inedible edibles – CNET

It looks a lot like the real thing, but don't trying nibbling a piece.

Chelsea Handler: ‘If You Believe in Astrology, You’re an Idiot’

We asked Chelsea Handler the things people often Google about her. She, naturally, had rather funny answers. The post Chelsea Handler: 'If You Believe in

Well-Versed Ghosts and 4 More Must-Hear Podcasts

Also, a cursed piano competition, three inches containing 1,500 languages, and more. The post Well-Versed Ghosts and 4 More Must-Hear Podcasts appeared first on WIRED.

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