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Facebook’s first get-out-the-vote campaign hits US news feeds – CNET

Starting Friday, Facebook users across the US will see prominent reminders to register to vote.

Facebook’s first get-out-the-vote campaign hits news feeds across the US – CNET

Starting today, users in the US will see voting registration reminders at the top of their news feeds.

Sigourney Weaver Thinks 2016 Has Been Terrifying, Too

When the current political climate scares Ripley, you know it's bad. The post Sigourney Weaver Thinks 2016 Has Been Terrifying, Too appeared first on WIRED.

CNET UK podcast 499: Hissing iPhones, GoPro’s wee new drone and should Google ditch phones? – CNET

Would Google be better off out of the phone game? We ask the tough questions on the UK's best tech podcast.

Netflix Originals and dynamic geography: Girt by CNET podcast 88 – CNET

This week the Girt team talks Netflix at the Emmys and poor Australian geography in Forza Horizon 3.

YouTube Is Getting a Live Videogame Talk Show

Helmed by gaming personality Geoff Keighley in collaboration with various YouTubers, Live With YouTube Gaming premieres September 29th. The post YouTube Is Getting a Live

Song Exploder: Peter Bjorn and John’s ‘Young Folks’ Almost Didn’t Happen

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Swedish trio's biggest hit, the three songwriters recount how the band's third album almost never happened. The post

​Minecraft Education Edition coming Nov 1 to a school near you – CNET

For $5 a year, students will be able to explore Minecraft's blocky virtual world, with teachers teleporting in to help tackle school projects.

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 to feature Buzz Aldrin, William Shatner – CNET

This year's celebration of all things geek will feature themed exhibits and sessions focusing on what life will be like in 2075.

The New Ghost in the Shell Teasers Are Truly Hair-Raising

These 10-second promos for Scarlett Johansson's forthcoming manga adaptation are very, very bold and very, very bald. The post The New Ghost in the Shell

New Super-Man writer Gene Luen Yang gets a MacArthur Genius Grant – CNET

The graphic novel writer and artist has most recently created a new version of DC's iconic Superman.

Amazon offers cheap photo prints to Prime members – CNET

Taking a swipe at services like Shutterfly, Amazon will print anything from snapshots to photo books to calendars.

Cape Watch: Is Thor’s Roommate Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

After a few weeks chock full of news about DC movies, the Internet's attentions have returned to Marvel. Here's what's going on with all your

Hillary Clinton Stops By Between Two Ferns, Takes on Trump

The presidential candidate appeared on the satirical talk show to discuss the economy, pantsuits, and power ties. The post Hillary Clinton Stops By Between Two

WIRED Pilot Program: Pitch

This soapy, emotional drama about a female Major League Baseball pitcher is the first broadcast network show about sports in a decade. The post WIRED

WIRED Book Club: Three-Body Problem Is as Enjoyable as It Is Confusing

We're enjoying 'The Three-Body Problem' but, midway through, we're feeling kinda stumped. The post WIRED Book Club: Three-Body Problem Is as Enjoyable as It Is

Check Out an Incredible Tome of Ralph McQuarrie’s Star Wars Art

This 20-pound, two-volume collection contains hundreds of works from the iconic artist, who created some of the saga's most beloved characters. The post Check Out

The Couple Behind HBO’s Westworld Want to Know What Is Wrong With Us All

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have been married since 2009. In their new HBO series, the TV veterans explore AI, violence, and what is wrong

Police warn of shady USB drives appearing in mailboxes – CNET

If you found a random USB drive in your mailbox, would you plug it into your computer?

WIRED Pilot Program: Lethal Weapon

The television remake of the '80s action film series can't get out of the shadow of its source material. The post WIRED Pilot Program:

Playing Rez Infinite‘s Gorgeous, Trippy ‘Area X’

An all-new level designed for virtual reality expands the beautiful world of Rez for PlayStation VR. The post Playing Rez Infinite's Gorgeous, Trippy 'Area X'

Need a 2016 Election Antidote? Try Welcome to Night Vale

Two volumes of transcripts covering the hit fiction podcast's first 50 episodes—and the political material is a perfect getaway from current events. The post Need

Words cannot express how crazy this heavy-metal Elon Musk tribute is – Roadshow

Is it heavy metal? Speed metal? I'm not up on my musical metallurgy.

Harry Potter longs to be killed off on ‘Game of Thrones’ – CNET

Wizard of Westeros! Daniel Radcliffe has fought Dementors, but how would he do against dragons?

A peek into North Korea’s online world, and time to get a new Note 7 (CNET Update) – CNET

There are 28 North Korean websites hosted on its servers for the world to see -- but the rest of the country's online life remains

That Brilliant Emmys Telecast Has Us Jonesing for Fall TV

On this week's WIRED Culture podcast we're talking about just how great TV is right now. (And it really is!) The post That Brilliant Emmys

Twitter, Bloomberg teaming up to live-stream presidential debates – CNET

Continuing its live-streaming prowess, the social network will show the three presidential debates and one featuring the vice presidential candidates through its app.

Gringo Digs Deep into John McAfee’s Heart of Darkness

The new documentary brings to light even more about the eccentric millionaire's time in Belize. Watch a clip from the doc here. The post Gringo

Meet Hamdog the burger-hot dog hybrid you’ve been waiting for – CNET

Avert your eyes, vegetarians. This new meaty combo meal has been patented, and it's your worst nightmare.

7 Upcoming Films You Gotta Catch, From Sci-Fi to Shootouts

Lots of great new films premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Here are the ones we think you should start anticipating now. The post

Harrowing ‘Passengers’ trailer goes from space romance to space disaster – CNET

Love and technology-gone-wrong highlight the dramatic new trailer for upcoming space flick "Passengers."

Tinder and Spotify hook up for musical matches – CNET

Good news for music snobs. Tinder will show you your potential date's Spotify preferences.

Unlike Trump Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative Has Numbers to Prove Its Worth

At this week's final Clinton Global Initiative meeting, Bill Clinton took the stage to show the receipts. The post Unlike Trump Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative

Gamers get paid to fight each other at this weekly esports tournament – CNET

Think you have what it takes to be an esports pro? There's a place in Southern California where you can test your skills (and maybe

WIRED Pilot Program: The Good Place

This new NBC comedy stars Kristen Bell as the one mean dead person in a well-mannered heavenly community. Will it be as good as its

Kevin Hart Shares First Look of Jumanji Cast in Character

"You think that mosquitos, monkeys, and lions are bad? That is just the beginning." Not too long ago Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shared concept art

Don’t Worry, This Author’s Got Our Dystopia All Figured Out

Alexander Weinstein's new story collection depicts a future populated by robot-adopting families and cyber-created kiddos. But it all has a happy(-ish) ending. The post Don't

Final Fantasy XV Goes Old School to Keep Relevant

The Blue Screen of Text is back, as the franchise mines the past to secure its future. The post Final Fantasy XV Goes Old School

Is losing the headphone jack from a phone a dealbreaker? (Open_Tab) – CNET

We hash out whether losing the decades-old port matters in this excerpt from Open_Tab.

Emergency mobile alerts sound off in terrorism suspect search – CNET

New Yorkers are on the receiving end of a widespread push notification during a manhunt.

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