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Blue Raspberry Gives You a Solid USB Mic on the Go

The mic drops a size. The post Blue Raspberry Gives You a Solid USB Mic on the Go appeared first on WIRED.

How Mercedes-AMG Wraps Drivers in Sensual Luxury

Daimler's head of design explains how he creates an experience that will appeal to people who can spend $250,000 on a two-door convertible. The post

Wells Fargo CEO to Forfeit $41 Million Amid Investigation

The Labor Department will launch a probe into whether Wells Fargo may have violated wage and working hour laws.

Dem cell phones hacked, too?

The FBI has asked to examine the cellphones of a small number Democratic Party staffers as it investigates a possible hack of cellphones, law enforcement

‘Big Bang’ for Bucks: The Highest Paid TV Actors Are…

'Big Bang Theory' star Jim Parsons is television's top paid actor for a second year running. Co-star Johnny Galecki took the second spot.

Congress Will Soon Lose These Crucial Science Advocates

A number of science-minded members of Congress are retiring after this term, and that means crucial initiatives could be in jeopardy. The post Congress Will

Former Miss Universe Hopes ‘Piggy’ Story Will Hurt Trump

The former beauty queen said on Tuesday that she was surprised her story was told during Monday night's debate.

Vaccinations Eliminate Measles From Americas: WHO

Measles has been eliminated in all of the Americas, from Canada to Chile, the World Health Organization declared Tuesday.

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber split

Another longstanding Hollywood couple have taken fans by surprise with their breakup.

Obama dons hat, blanket during Tribal Nations ceremony

President Barack Obama ignored his own "no hats" edict Monday when he partook in a traditional American Indian ceremony in Washington.

Red-light runner positively creams Google’s self-driving Lexus – Roadshow

Once again, human error claims the life of another defenseless robot.

Actors can get their age removed from IMDb under new law – CNET

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs legislation that requires entertainment database websites to remove an actor's age five days after receiving

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Declares "I Can Fix This" Broken Heart

The return of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is nigh--and it's OK to get excited about it because Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) is not your crazy ex-girlfriend. The

José Fernández Among Many MLB Players Lost Too Soon

Tragedy has struck MLB many times over, leaving fans wondering what could have been if star athletes weren't stolen from the diamond prematurely.

Actors can get their age removed from IMDb under new California law – CNET

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the legislation Saturday, which would require entertainment database websites to remove an actor's age five days after receiving a request

Kobe Bryant Tweets Tribute to Kevin Garnett, a ‘True Warrior’

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How Geena Davis Wants to Solve Hollywood’s Gender Gap

The Academy Award-winning actress has a new weapon in her arsenal for her decades-long battle against gender inequality in Hollywood.

Hofstra (mostly) welcomes the carnival

If Southern California is "Tailback U," and Penn State is "Linebacker U," then what would you call Hofstra University?

New Tool Could Solve Hollywood’s Gender Gap

Academy Award-winning actress Geena Davis has a new weapon in her arsenal for her decades-long battle against gender inequality in Hollywood.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey’s role in Clinton smear group remains murky – CNET

VR's boy genius funneled money toward a shady pro-Trump charity. But he disagrees with The Daily Beast about what he did -- or didn't --

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey admits to funding Clinton smear group – CNET

Did Oculus VR's boy genius funnel money toward a shady pro-Trump charity? He says yes -- but that the mysterious "NimbleRichMan" was not him.

Could hackers affect the election?

A series of high-profile breaches and warnings from national intelligence leaders has elections directors in critical battleground states seeking federal help against possible cyberattacks.

Play a VR video game on this real roller coaster – CNET

Regular roller coaster rides not intense enough for you? Try playing a video game inside a VR headset as you

Will O.J. Simpson, Steven Avery & Adnan Syed Be Freed? Inside Their Uncertain Futures Behind Bars

For armchair detectives, knowing all of the ins and outs of famous--or infamous, rather--cases comes with the territory. Whether you've scoured the internet for details

Chris Brown Addresses Child Protective Services Investigation: "I Take Care of My Daughter Fully"

Chris Brown isn't staying silent on the drama surrounding his daughter Royalty Brown. In an Instagram video that has since been deleted, Brown addressed the

Julian Edelman — Baby Shower Stacked … Wall-to-Wall Models

Julian Edelman ;might want to strongly consider attending his alleged baby mama's shower, which will be crawling with hotties -- then again, that's how he

Google to launch Oakland lab to mentor minority students – CNET

Working with the MIT Media lab, the search giant looks across the San Francisco Bay to solve the tech industry's diversity problem.

YouTube Is Getting a Live Videogame Talk Show

Helmed by gaming personality Geoff Keighley in collaboration with various YouTubers, Live With YouTube Gaming premieres September 29th. The post YouTube Is Getting a Live

Life and Loss in America’s Heartland

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Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 to feature Buzz Aldrin, William Shatner – CNET

This year's celebration of all things geek will feature themed exhibits and sessions focusing on what life will be like in 2075.

HelloVote wants to make registering to vote easier through text – CNET

New chatbot-based tool allows voters to register over text message or Facebook Messenger in under one minute.

#tbt Oktoberfest: World’s largest beer festival

Check out these lighthearted Oktoberfest photos from the past century.

The billionaires strike back

The nation's billionaires -- energized by a presidential race heading down to the wire and led to believe that their money can tip the balance

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Needs to Get a Lot Crazier—And Soon

The good news is that ABC's street-level Marvel show always loses its restraint at some point, so it should be back in nutso form soon.

Need a 2016 Election Antidote? Try Welcome to Night Vale

Two volumes of transcripts covering the hit fiction podcast's first 50 episodes—and the political material is a perfect getaway from current events. The post Need

Zuckerberg Just Pledged $3B to Cure Disease: 5 Things to Know

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, marked the birth of their daughter by announcing they planned to give away 99 percent of their wealth.

Officials Are Scrambling to Protect the Election From Hackers

With elections a few weeks away, government officials and lawmakers are debating whether to classify voting systems as critical infrastructure. The

The Burning Beauty of Solar Energy in the Nevada Desert

That huge solar array you see flying over Nevada is even more amazing from the ground. The post The Burning Beauty of Solar Energy

See the Amazing Homes Brangelina Have Shared

Take a look at a few of the many places around the world that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie called home over the years.

Pesto at McDonald’s Might Soon Be a Thing

Innovation at fast-food chains doesn't just come in the form of oddly shaped chicken or partnerships with snack foods.

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