BradfordToday General FAQ’s

Q: I Have A DMCA Takedown Request, How Do I Do That?

A: Please see This Page For Our DMCA policies.

Q: Can I be anonymous on BradfordToday? Will other users know who I am?

A: Yes you can be anonymous on BradfordToday, other users will not know who you are unless you reveal yourself to them. At signup you choose a unique username to use as your “handle” on the site. This username can/will separate you from your real identity and will be used to identify you on any post you make on the site.

When you sign up, you need to provide us with your REAL name and location such as City/Town and zip code as well as Country. Required information MUST BE correct information according to our Terms Of Service.

You may NOT be anonymous to the administrators of BradfordToday. If you don’t want the administrators to know who you are then your most likely looking to start trouble for these administrators and the site.

Q: Do you want to trade INDEX PAGE links with us?

A: If you want to trade INDEX PAGE links with BradfordToday, please contact us using the Contact Form. Be sure to include the name and URL of your website and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Q: When is XXX Event?

A: Please check the events calendar to see if it is listed. If it’s not listed it may be too early to tell the event date or all the info regarding it, for example if it’s January and all the plans aren’t finished for an event taking place in the summer or fall.

If this event you are seeking the info on is NOT listed in our calendar, I suggest contacting the people or organization in charge of putting on the event to find out more information on the event, they will have more information than we do, so I suggest doing that BEFORE asking us for information we clearly do not have yet.

Q: DAMN IT – Why haven’t you answered my email(s) I sent you?

A: If you want to contact us and get a response, you MUST USE OUR CONTACT FORM HERE TO CONTACT US.

We get thousands of emails, and mostly are spam, so we MAY NOT have even got your email you sent if you just emailed us directly. The only way to guarantee we receive and read your message is to use our contact form.

Q: Is BradfordToday related to or associated with The Bradford Era Newspaper? Or the USA Today?

A: No, Bradford TODAY is NOT related to or associated with The Bradford ERA newspaper or The USA Today. BradfordToday is an independent community website.

Q: Where do I find the forum specific FAQ’s?

A: You can find them HERE.

Q: Can I/How To change your username.

A: To change your username just contact a site admin with your request.

Q: Why can’t I have more than one account?

A: This just causes trouble and confusion as people troll around and gang up on members with multiple accounts or try to make themselves look like king as all their alternate selves agree with their twisted thinking.

There should be no need to have multiple accounts other than to do what was said above, troll, flame and cause problems. If you legitimately want to have a second account because you want a new username, we can change your existing account username to what you like, just PM an admin and we can change your username.

Q: How do I delete my account?

A: You must request this to a site administrator. Removing your account does NOT remove any posts (forums, articles, classifieds, comments)

Q: Does it cost money to submit my business to BT Business Directory?

A: NO, never will we charge a fee to be listed in the BT Business Directory. To add your listing just click the link to add your listing free.

Q: How do I get a copy of the photo from the Bradford Era page xx (Date)

A: This is Bradford TODAY NOT the Bradford ERA, ask them.

Q: I can’t find that story from the Bradford Era titled XXX on (Date), Can you show me where to find it?

A: This is Bradford TODAY NOT the Bradford ERA, ask them. Or in other words don’t get mad at Burger King when they CAN’T serve you a Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets.

Q: Can I put your stories on my website?

A: A short excerpt with a link to the original is acceptable. Or you can put our headlines up with links is ok. If you need help in incorporating our headlines or stories into your site just let us know and we’ll help.

Q: Are you looking for partners or would you consider going into business with me?

A: We’re willing to listen to whatever you have to say or propose, but can’t guarantee results. To send us your pitch just contact us using our contact form, no calls please.

Q: Is BradfordToday For Sale?

A: Someone once said “Everything’s for sale at the right price”. Yes, BT is for sale. If anyone is seriously interested in buying BT, you can submit a serious offer and we’ll consider it. Don’t bother asking us a price, we are taking offers only. If we don’t get back to you, that means we did not see your offer as serious.

Q: What is BradfordToday’s service area?

A: BT serves “The Bradford Area” and all of McKean County PA (Population 41,883). The Bradford Area is considered Bradford City (Population 8,369), Bradford Township (Population 4,766), Foster Township (Population 4,143), Lewis Run PA (Polulation 587), Lafayette Township (Population 2,392), Corydon Township (Population 267), Otto Township (Population 1,505), Limestone NY (Population 389) And parts of Keating Township (Population 2,900). * Populations are 2016 estimates.

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