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Was This a Baby BigFoot Heard Crying In The Woods Near Bradford PA?

By Stony Heard this deep in the woods the other day. Much too far from civilization to be a human. Could this sound like a

Real Or Fake BigFoot Footage From Pennsylvania?

We keep seeing the same BigFoot video posted, over and over with the description referring to Bradford PA. You can decide if it’s real or

Local Bradfordian John Stoneman Gets Worldwide Attention With BigFoot Photos

The Photos of a couple potential BigFoots, (or BigFeet) taken by the local Outdoorsman has gone viral. News of the photos that Stoneman took near

KDKA: Alleged Pa. “Bigfoot” Sighting Causing Quite A Stir

BRADFORD, Pa. (KDKA) – Is it an optical illusion or a rare sighting of the legendary Bigfoot? Either way, several recent articles, and this picture

VIDEO: Bigfoot Sighting Bradford Pennnsylvania October 2013

Bigfoot Sighting Bradford, Pennsylvania. 2 Bigfoots, or Bigfeet were caught on camera, 1 day after DNA evidence said to be proof a real Sasquatch exists

More Photo Evidence In BigFoot Sighting, Commenter Says No Uprooted Tree. Found Tracks

A commenter named “willhir20” says “it wasn’t an uprooted tree”. In the comment section “willhir20” has claimed to have visited the same site where the

Stony Discusses BigFoot Sighting With Anne Holliday At WESB Radio

Another Sasquatch Sighting in McKean County?Bradford resident John Stoneman chats with Anne Holliday about pictures he took near Kinzua Bridge State Park which may,

BigFoot Spotted Near Kinzua Bridge State Park

By Stony, We were driving north (not sure of the road name) on the road that passes the park. About 4 or 5 miles north,

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