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‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Josh Harris — Viagra’s for Landlubbers … Being at Sea Makes Me Horny Enough

Josh Harris from "Deadliest Catch" is unimpressed with the new dessert breakthrough -- Viagra ice cream -- because he says the last thing his libido

Miley Cyrus Cancels Another Concert … So Sorry, St. Louis!

Miley Cyrus is canceling yet another concert following her hospitalization Tuesday after a severe allergic reaction to medicine. Miley took to Twitter early Wednesday morning

Heidi Klum — Topless Vacay with Younger Boyfriend

Heidi Klum's new boyfriend, 27-year-old Vito Schnabel, went topless yesterday as he palled around in the ocean with Heidi in Tulum, Mexico.Oh, did we mention

Justin Bieber — Taquitos Muy Bueno Cuando Estoy Drogado

We don't know for sure if Justin Bieber was stoned Sunday ... who are we kidding, he dropped more than $240 on fast Mexican food


The Glove has spoken ... and he's calling out a whole BUNCH of NBA superstars ... from Stephen Curry to Russell Westbrook and even Chris

NFL Prospect Kelcy Quarles — Vows to Clear Name … I Had NOTHING to Do with Nightclub Beating

NFL Draft prospect Kelcy Quarles says he was NOT at Greenhouse nightclub during an alleged brawl that left one man badly injured last week ...

Cincinnati Bengals Player — GUN WAS LOADED IN ROAD RAGE INCIDENT … Cops Say

The semiautomatic handgun found in a car belonging to Cincinnati Bengals fullback Orson Charles was LOADED at the time of the road rage incident last

George Brett — MEETS LORDE … Before Vegas Concert

We told you it was gonna happen ... and last night, right before Lorde's concert in Las Vegas ... she finally came face-to-face with George

Break Out the Tissues: ‘Parenthood’ Season Finale Is Here

It's been a season of change for the Bravermans on "Parenthood." But one thing remains the same--the season finale is sure to make viewers cry.

Miley Cyrus hospitalized, cancels Kansas City concert

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Break out the tissues: It’s time for the ‘Parenthood’ season finale

On a scale of one to 10, how many tissue boxes will "Parenthood" fans need for Thursday night's season finale?

Mixed Pics of Will Ferrell, Pharrell Williams Equal a ‘Handsome’ Man

An enterprising, creative soul married photos of actor Will Ferrell and musician Pharrell Williams and the results were pretty terrific.

Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones Walk 1st Red Carpet Since Split

The pair attended the opening night of the play "The Library" at The Public Theater in New York.

Mix pics of Will Ferrell and Pharrell Williams and what do you get? A ‘handsome’ man

By themselves, actor Will Ferrell and musician Pharrell Williams are good-looking fellas. But what happens if you mash their images together? Gold, that's what.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones walk first red carpet together since split

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones walked their first red carpet together on Tuesday since splitting last year. The pair attended the opening night of the

It’s the ’90s Again! Veruca Salt Announces Reunion Tour

The band, which found fame with the 1994 hit song "Seether," announced the 15 shows on Tuesday.

In Flushing, Myung San Plumbs the Depths of Fermented Korean Comfort Food

"We're known for fermentation," confides Hoon Beam Cho when I ask him if I missed anything on my first visit to Myung San, a Korean

Infidelity and Architecture Underpin the Meditative Isolde

Richard Maxwell’s new play is about myth, memory, and a house that never gets built. Lighter and more sardonic than the playwright-director’s recent work (especially

The Weed Issue: Like, a Village Voice Special Report, Man

In this week's Village Voice, we look at marijuana in New York City and the state through four stories, just in time for that unofficial

Photographic Fiction and Fact in the LES

Within a block of each other on the Lower East Side, two photographers who dig into genres we thought we already knew — Heather Bennett

Scott Z. Burns and Steven Soderbergh Team Up For Post-Colombine Psychological Mystery The Library

Audiences today need little urging to accept age- and color-blind casting on the stage, but Steven Soderbergh and Scott Z. Burns's life-in-the-aftermath drama The Library

The Heir Apparent Brims With Linguistic Panache and Stellar Performances

"I'm a one-man Comédie-Française," boasts the scheming servant Crispin, comparing his acting skills to France's national theater. Crispin (Carson Elrod) isn't totally exaggerating: In the

Shameless and Uncharismatic, Bullets Over Broadway Loses The Sophistication of Its Source Material

Bullets Over Broadway is an old-fashioned musical, if for you the term "old-fashioned" connotes a version of 1920s New York in which Italian-American stereotypes are

The Real-Life Story of a Teenage Drug Smuggler, Kid Cannabis is an Inane Celebration

Closing with N.W.A.'s anti-authority anthem "Fuck tha Police," Kid Cannabis celebrates drug dealing via the real-life story of Nate Norman (Jonathan Daniel Brown), an overweight,

Cesar’s Last Fast is Rich with Detail and Exclusive Footage of the Late Labor Organizer

Equally lionizing but richer in detail than the recent Michael Peña-led biopic César Chávez, this occasionally stirring doc portrait of the late Latino labor organizer

Half the Road is an Enraging Portrait of the Entrenched Sexism in Competitive Sports

Early in the documentary Half the Road, director and professional cyclist Kathryn Bertine interviews Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon —

That Demon Within is an Exhausting Plot-Vending Machine

Rock-dumb Hong Kong thriller That Demon Within is exhausting, and only sometimes batshit enough to be engaging. Popular action filmmaker Dante Lam (The Beast Stalker,

A Must-See Documentary, Vanishing Pearls Explores the Costs of the BP Oil Spill

"No class of people should have to sacrifice their lives and their heritage for somebody else to get rich," says one of the men interviewed

A Turbulent Tale, Soft in the Head Is Never Less Than Thrilling

Nathan Silver's last feature, Exit Elena, earned the Brooklyn-based director comparisons to John Cassavetes, with whom he shared an almost perverse affection for domesticity at

Fueled by Compelling Performances, 13 Sins is a Deftly Constructed Horror Flick

Most of us would kill a fly if someone promised us $1,000 to do so, but not everyone would eat the dead fly for $3,000

Awkwardly Scripted, A Promise Is Plagued With Uninspired Performances

No bodices were harmed in veteran French filmmaker Patrice Leconte's chaste and bloodless English-language debut, a love-triangle costume drama that never sparks the artful sensuality

Authors Anonymous Is a Mockumentary That Punches Down

Ellie Kanner's Authors Anonymous concerns a writing workshop for aspiring novelists, but on the strength of the film you get the sense that Kanner would

The 1954 Godzilla Succeeds Where Many of Its Modern-Day Descendants Fall Short

In an era when Hollywood considers destroying whole cities obligatory for blockbusters, it's refreshing to recall a time when such fantastical demolition had a poignant

Tasting Menu Is Gag-Worthy

So sloppy it can't even adequately follow through on cooking its various plot strands to completion, Tasting Menu concerns the dreary goings-on at the closing

Conspiracy Thriller Proxy Raises More Compelling Questions Than Answers

The phrase "not for the faint of heart" was made for Proxy's opening sequence, an eruption of more-is-more body horror beginning with a routine OB-GYN

Fathers-and-Sons Story Small Time Sinks When It Tries to Go Big

"This was the summer I figured out who I am," someone states toward the end of Small Time, Joel Surnow's filmmaking debut. The sentiment isn't

Manakamana Places You Atop the World

The Sensory Ethnography Lab, a collective of researchers and filmmakers based out of Harvard, made a name for themselves last year with the theatrical release

Tribeca Film Festival Offers Almost 100 Tough-Minded Flicks

The 13th Tribeca Film Festival opens with Time Is Illmatic, celebrating the 20th anniversary of rapper Nas's groundbreaking 1994 record (with a Nas performance to

Fading Gigolo: John Turturro and Woody Allen Charm in a Brooklyn Sex Comedy

One of the great pleasures of regular moviegoing isn't seeing great films. It's finding the little oddballs, the modest entertainments that miss just as often

Visions of Mary Frank, Screening free at Film Forum, Is a Welcome Introduction to an Unknown, Kick-Ass Artist

It's never not apparent that this bio-doc from John Cohen is a labor of love — you can tell by the lack of objectivity and


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