By using and signing up for a membership subscription you are agreeing to the following Terms Of Service (TOS) Agreement. may change these terms at any point without written notice.

1. General:

  1. All terms presented here are only available to individuals who are able to form legally binding contracts under applicable law, if you are not able to form into this agreement then you are not eligible to participate in our membership program.
  2. This agreement is void where prohibited.
  3. Any activity conducted with, or using our membership services is subject to applicable laws, in addition this contract shall be considered to be in breach if any illegal activities is preformed by any user.
  4. Any breach of this agreement preformed by you shall render your account void and be subject for termination.
  5. Members, users and subscribers MUST agree to these terms in order to have a login account with Bradford Today.
  6. You understand that The Bradford Today Privacy Policy details how BradfordToday uses member and user information submitted on

2. Accounts:

  1. Bradford Today has the right to refuse service, membership or a user account to any individual or business at our sole discretion or for any good reason we can think of.
  2. You understand that you are only eligible for one (1) account/subscription/membership with Bradford Today and you agree that you WILL NOT sign up for more than one (1) account and you understand that by signing up for multiple accounts that you are in breach of this agreement. (if you just want to change your username, contact the admin)
  3. You agree that Bradford Today may at it's sole discretion delete any secondary accounts that have proven to have been created by you.
  4. You understand and agree that BradfordToday MAY suspend your account at any point for violating these terms. You also understand that Bradford Today MAY send you warnings or notices of your breach or potential breach of this agreement but is not obligated to do so.
  5. You agree that you will submit correct contact information such as your name, email and address. You also agree to keep this information up to date and you understand that if for any reason Bradford Today can not reach you and get a response from you on an account related issue for a period of 25 days, your account may be terminated.
  6. By signing up, you understand that it is your sole responsibility to keep your username and password in a safe place and it is your obligation to not share this information with others. You also understand and agree that ANY actions taken under your username and password login ( whether it was you or not ) will be considered to have been done by you and you understand that Bradford Today CAN NOT be held liable if someone gets your login information.
  7. You fully know and understand that Bradford Today will randomly assign an image avatar to your account at signup and may at our own discretion throughout your membership assign a randomly selected image to any accounts that do not have an avatar uploaded or set.

3. Liability:

  2. You agree to abide by all applicable laws in using our programs or services.
  3. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless our employees from any claim or demand, including attorneys fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of this Agreement or the documents it incorporates by reference, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.
  4. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania except to the extent federal law governs copyrights and trademarks. This agreement is the entire agreement between you (the registered user/subscriber) and Bradford Today and supersedes any other understandings or agreements, including, but not limited to, any other services provided. Any action relating to this agreement must be brought in the federal or state or local courts assigned to or located in Mckean County, Pennsylvania, and you irrevocably consent to the jurisdiction of such courts. 
  5. In addition to part "a" of this section 3, Liability, in the event of any litigation against Bradford Today you agree to not hold Bradford Today liable for any damages that exceed the entire cost originally paid for the membership, subscription, service or product in question.

4. Posting Or Submitting To Our Services In General


post = Any content posted to any part of BradfordToday

  1. All registered users are granted "Author" access and can post articles to however, your author status will need to be approved by an administrator and if, at our sole discretion it becomes necessary, we may restrict this level of privilege at any time.
  2. Your use and access of these services and the ability to post to them is a privilege and not a right. Your freedom of speech guarantees you the right to say what you want but it does not require us to publish what you say.
  3. Intellectual Content Post or Submissions
    By posting your own personal Intellectual Property to this service in full context or otherwise providing complete works or materials for display on this site you are stating that you are the owner of the materials being posted or have permission to post such materials and are granting Bradford express consent from the owner (you) of the materials a royalty free, non-exclusive, unrestricted world license to publish, copy, use, display, transmit or sublicense these materials submitted.
    You may NOT post materials created by others in full. You may however quote or provide an excerpt of the materials. You also understand that any posts made of quotes or excerpts of third party content that you agree to provide a link or information regarding the source of such materials
  4. All postings and submissions are subject to editorial review and or removal at the discretion of the editors of Bradford Today. Bradford Today reserves the right to deny, delete or remove any post or submission you make at this site for any good reason we can think of.
  5. The following will NOT be accepted if posted to our services.
    Hardcore profanity, baiting, trolling, flooding, harassing others, offensive materials or behavior, hate materials, inappropriate behavior or otherwise doing or showing something no one would want their kids to see. BradfordToday will be the sole judge to determine such materials.
  6. You may not disclose any personal information about any individual on any part of Bradford without express permission from that individual.
  7. Libel. You are liable for what you post or submit to these services. Bradford Today will not tolerate slandering any individual or business.
  8. If you are privileged to post to our services we do respect your freedom of speech in a sense that it does not break our rules set forth in this agreement. We respect your freedom of speech but there is a line between what is acceptable and is not, so you understand and agree that you will try to think sensibly and be respectable to other users of this service.
  9. With exception to profile settings and the forums, any articles, news, stories, poems or OpEd's you post here are not guaranteed to be posted on Bradford Today. Editors will need to approve your submissions before they are published.

5. Classified Ads

  1. You may not post multiple ads for the same item to the same category (spamming). Ads should be placed in the proper category.
  2. Any products you list must be legally sellable products or services.
  3. The following items are not permitted, pornographic items, sex related items, items promoting hate, racism, or criminal.
  4. We reserve the right to move or refuse ANY ad posted.

6. User Profiles & Private Messaging - Specific rules regarding profiles in general.

  1. You MUST keep your profile free of sexually explicit content, it must be decent. Bradford Today will not tolerate any breach of this rule and your account will be deleted and banned if found you have broken it. ALL PROFILES ARE MONITORED BY THE STAFF AND CAN BE REPORTED BY OTHER USERS.
  2. You agree to not 'Spam" other users profiles with ads or any unwanted materials.
  3. You agree to not harass other users through the use of profiles or private messaging (PM).

7. Bradford Today & Affiliated Co-Sponsored Contest Agreement

  1. By participating in the contests held at you are agreeing to accept these special terms.
  2. In order to participate and win you must be a registered user and qualify to win. Qualifying users are subscribers who do NOT have a relationship with either Bradford Today or the co-sponsoring body.
  3. There are no purchases necessary to win any of our contest held at Each contest may have different requirements in order to win, each contest will specify what the requirements are for that particular promotion and how to participate.
  4. Bradford Today may do promotions in conjunction with 3rd parties who may sponsor a prize or reward contest. You agree that and such 3rd parties have the right to share information related to participating contestants and by participating in such contests you grant Bradford Today permission to share such information collected within the particular contest with the sponsor.
  5. In the event you should win any contest, you give and its partners and affiliates the right to use your name and or subscriber name in promotional materials for the purposes of promoting this site and or a business related to the contest as well as the right to announce you as winner of such prizes or rewards, and to publish it as we see fit.

8. Premium Subscribers

  1. If you sign up for Premium Subscription you agree to these additional terms and conditions.
  2. To obtain the Premium Subscriber benefits you agree to subscribe monthly to Premium Subscriber services at the rate listed until you cancel. You understand that you will be billed monthly at this rate by a secured 3rd party credit card processing agency on the behalf of Layerdyne - ClientVillage, parent entity of BradfordToday.
  3. Custom Forum Title - You may not use vulgar language or profanity in your Custom Forum Title.
  4. Ads Display - You understand MOST ads will not show to you except ads on the Business Directory pages, Sponsor ads under the site "Sponsors" list and classified ads. This only applies to ads from 3rd parties and does not apply to ads that BradfordToday itself may show to promote areas of the site, features or enhancements.

9. User Points

  1. As a registered subscriber you can earn "User Points" for participating in various aspects of BradfordToday. In order to earn and utilize user points on BradfordToday you must agree to the following special terms.
  2. User points are non transferable from one account to another, you may not trade or sell user points.
  3. User points may only be used or consumed in conjunction with official BradfordToday offers, events or purposes. Points do not have "actual" monetary value.

10. Business Directory / Reviews & Ratings

  1. As a member/subscriber you agree to the following terms and conditions and policies regarding the BradfordToday Business Directory.
  2. Any registered subscriber may submit business/organizations to the directory. Registered users may submit as an official representative of the business/organization or as simply a client/customer/user of such organization.
  3. By submitting a listing as a non-official representative you agree to provide correct and accurate information about such businesses or organizations on the listing itself and NOT provide false, misleading or harmful texts regarding the business or any reviews in the description field of those listings. (there is a place for reviews)
  4. BradfordToday has the right to publish publicly available, generally known information about businesses and organizations such as place of business and contact information. It is the policy of BradfordToday to not remove these listings unless those listings meet one of the following conditions:
    1. The business/organization ceases to exist.
    2. The business/organization no longer does business in the Bradford/McKean County and surrounding areas.
    You also understand that once you submit or be given the privilege to edit/update your business/organization listing as an official representative that you can not remove your listing unless it meets one of these conditions.
  5. As a listing owner, you have the privilege to add or edit company/organization information on your listing however you do not have the right to edit or remove reviews or ratings. You do however have the right to be notified of and respond to reviews.
  6. You understand that reviews must meet the general posting rules in section 4 above.

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