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People Have Spent 30,342 Years in Kim Kardashian’s Game [Deep Sigh]

That's like 16 billion minutes of gameplay, you guys. The post People Have Spent 30,342 Years in Kim Kardashian's Game [Deep Sigh] appeared first on

Symantec’s Woes Expose the Antivirus Industry’s Security Gaps

Vulnerabilities revealed this week show how security software can not only fail to protect us, but also create new attack holes in systems. The post

​Tesla under investigation after fatal Model S Autopilot crash – Roadshow

A Tesla Model S sedan has tragically been involved in a fatal crash, and use of the car's Autopilot system is under investigation.

Unlikely bedfellows: Tesla, Ruby Tuesday enter Supercharger partnership – Roadshow

Good ideas come from strange places sometimes.

’90s Oregon Trail lets you die from dial-up, not dysentery – CNET

Why die from snake bites in the Oregon Trail game when you can suffer from 1990s problems like bad haircuts and unexpected digital pet deaths

Anti-BuzzFeed petition #StopBuzzThieves starts – CNET

Internet denizen Akilah Hughes launches an online petition against BuzzFeed for allegedly taking others' ideas without compensation.

‘Ghostbusters’ — We’re the Ones You Call for a Lyft (VIDEO)

"Ghostbusters" fans can roll up to the club in full Peter Venkman swag ... for a couple days anyway. Ecto-1 replicas will be on call

Kendall Jenner — I’m a WeHo Girl Now … Thanks to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski (PHOTO GALLERY)

Kendall Jenner is moving to the heart of West Hollywood ... right above the epicenter of the Sunset Strip ... TMZ has learned. Our real

Serial’s Adnan Syed Granted New Trial

Adnan Syed has been granted a new trial. The subject of Serial's first season had his day in court today, and after careful deliberation, a

How Iggy Azalea and Taylor Swift Handle Breakups Differently

When it comes to breakups, the most apropos expression might be, "Different strokes for different folks." Both Iggy Azalea and Taylor Swift are going through

Holy ’90s! There’s a New Furby In Town and He’s as Millennial as Ever

Furby is no longer that lazy-eyed, mumble-mouthed, ball of fur that woke you up in the middle of the night so you'd tickle its doo-dah

Android Nougat? Really? Here are at least eight better names – CNET

Commentary: The Googleplex has christened the next version of Android to be nougat, after a sweet treat not all people understand. Surely we could do

Google Chrome in ‘3D’? A VR Cardboard app may make it so – CNET

This means interactive web browsing like you've never seen before.

Stop driving these 7 Hondas, Acuras immediately – Roadshow

The cars in question have up to a 50 percent chance of airbag inflator failure, which can lead to serious injury or death. This is

Victim of Hateful Rant on British Tram Was American

The man who kept his cool on a crowded British tram while three foul-mouthed youth yelled at him is a U.S. Army veteran from Texas.

Google wants a smart crib for your baby

A description of the invention states that various sensors and cameras will be embedded into different parts of the smart crib to keep track of

Feds: Stop driving these Hondas now

Nearly 70 million airbags in U.S. cars have been or will be recalled as part of a massive safety scandal enveloping Takata since 2014.

Disney Star Debby Ryan — Pleads No Contest in DUI Case

Disney Channel superstar ;Debby Ryan ;is walking away from her DUI arrest without a day of jail time, but she'll be on probation for 3

The Flash Adds Harry Potter’s Tom Felton for Season 3

The Flash just cast a spell and it was "Accio Tom Felton!" E! News has confirmed The Flash has added the Harry Potter films veteran

YouTube Celebs Answer Your Burning and Inappropriate Questions

Last weekend at VidCon, we asked a bunch of YouTube stars what it was like to be famous. Here's what they had to say. The

A Tiny Firm Beats Out Giants to Design Obama’s Library

Plans for the library don't exist---at least, not yet. But you can already see the outline of how Obama will shape his legacy. The post

Netflix will stream classics from Albert Brooks, voice of Marlin in ‘Finding Dory’ – CNET

Comedian Albert Brooks doesn't actually condone child kidnapping in order to persuade Netflix execs to carry his films. Really, he doesn't.

Das Keyboard pitches cloud-connected keyboard on Kickstarter – CNET

Das Keyboard has a new mechanical keyboard in the works that can connect to the cloud and display data from open APIs using super bright

Samsung’s new Note 7 screen could curve like the S7 Edge – CNET

The latest rumor says Samsung's next Note phone could ditch its straight sides in favor of two curved sides.

Android Nougat? Really? Here are at least 10 better names – CNET

Commentary: The Googleplex has christened the next version of Android to be nougat, after a sweet treat not all people understand. Surely we could do

Facebook is like North Korea, says ex-Facebooker – CNET

Technically Incorrect: In his new book, former Facebook product manager Antonio García Martinez says Facebook management got upset if women's skirts were too short.

Here’s How PROMESA Aims to Tackle Puerto Rico’s Debt

Having won Senate approval, a bill to help Puerto Rico restructure its crushing $72 billion-dollar debt was a presidential signature away.

Palestinian Teen Fatally Stabs Sleeping American Girl

The Israeli military posted a picture of the teen's bloodsoaked bedroom in the settlement of Kiryat Arba, outside of Hebron.

RNC Rules Proposal Aims to Thwart "Never Trump" Forces

A draft rule, obtained by MSNBC, would effectively lock in Donald Trump as the GOP nominee and kill the "Stop Trump" movement once and for

House GOP To Move on Measures to Block Terrorists from Buying Guns

The House will move next week on an anti-terrorism package that will have a provision to stop terrorists from buying guns, sources tell NBC News.

Giant spacecraft arrives at Jupiter July 4

A spinning, solar-powered spacecraft as wide as a basketball court will arrive at Jupiter on July 4 to study the giant planet and to take

Israeli-American girl fatally stabbed

A 13-year-old Israeli-American girl was stabbed to death in her bedroom Thursday morning in the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba, a spokesman for the

Feds: Stop driving these Honda now

Nearly 70 million airbags in U.S. cars have been or will be recalled as part of a massive safety scandal enveloping Takata since 2014.

Prince Played on a Mobb Deep Track … WHO KNEW? (VIDEO)

Here's one to blow your mind -- Prince and Snoop Dogg together on the same song! It actually happened back in the '90s when Mobb

Whatever Happened to Romance? Look Back on the 8 Biggest Celebrity Couple Cheating Scandals

It looks like 2016 has another Summer of Splits. Last summer, iconic couples such as Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck and Miranda Lambert and Blake

You Need to See Gillian Anderson Channel Marilyn Monroe for American Gods

Goodbye Scully, hello Media! Gillian Anderson debuted her new American Gods look on Twitter and it's sure different than the last time we saw the

Anna Kendrick: "I’d Be Terrible at Being Like Taylor Swift"

Anne Kendrick says she is nothing like Taylor Swift when it comes to fan interactions. Swift has over the years become known for connecting with

How-To: Get Gigi Hadid’s Killer Gold Eye in 3 Low-Key Ways

Even if you're an everyday makeup kind of girl, you can probably count the number of times you've dared to wear gold eye shadow on

Key Figure in Deadly 2011 Christmas Day Fire Not Missing

When the time comes, Michael Borcina will testify about the deadly blaze that killed Madonna Badger's three daughters and parents in 2011.

Feds: Stop driving these Honda models immediately

Nearly 70 million airbags in U.S. cars have been or will be recalled as part of a massive safety scandal enveloping Takata since 2014.

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