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Cape Watch: All These Superhero Feuds Make It Hard to Pick Sides

While you work out if you're Team Batman, Team Cap, Team Superman, or Team Iron Man, here are the highlights of the last week's superhero

Thousands of Trucks, Buses, and Ambulances May Be Open to Hackers

A Spanish researcher says internet-connected telematics gadgets have left ambulances, buses and trucks vulnerable to online tracking and potential hacking. The post Thousands of Trucks,

Astronomers score most detailed view yet of a dying star’s dusty disc – CNET

The Very Large Telescope in Chile captures the best image to date of the disc of dust and gas that forms around a star in

Obama, Trudeau on hockey, politics

U.S. President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau are clearly friendly in each other's company, making small talk amid the grandeur of the official

Nicole Murphy — Upstaging 101 (PHOTO)

Here's Nicole Murphy at some TV premiere event in West Hollywood ... where we guarantee no one was talking about the show once she arrived.

President Obama — Trolls Canadian Prime Minister … ‘Where’s the Stanley Cup!?’

HOCKEY SMACK TALK!!!! President Barack Obama stuck it to Canada this morning ... hitting the Prime Minister over the subject that hurts the most --

Andy Samberg’s Top Secret Movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Debuts First Trailer and It’s as Star-Studded as You’d Think

Every star or music group deserves a documentary, and that's just what Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island are kind of getting with their new

Mob Wives’ Explosive Finale Was Poignant Thanks to Big Ang’s Final Words

Mob Wives ended how it all began: with big fights, strangely wise words and the ladies walking in unison to Rock Mafia's "The Big Bang."

Watch People Struggle to Stand in 88 MPH Winds

Hurricane force gusts swept across the Oregon coast late Wednesday, prompting the National Weather Service to say "stay off the beach".

‘Free Riders Aggravate Me’: Obama Frustrated With Allies

Obama said as president he has been trying to get other nations to take the lead when necessary, in issues surrounding terrorism, Russia and China.

Brawl Over Boombox Breaks Out on Spirit Airlines Flight

A fight broke out among five women aboard a cross-country flight Wednesday morning after two of them refused to turn down their music.

Mountain Lion Sneaks Into L.A. Zoo, Mauls Koala

The koala caretakers were doing a head count last Thursday and discovered one was missing. As they searched the area, they found a tuft of

Cruz’s no-bend stance on guns

Three days after a young man named Dylann Roof fatally shot nine people in a historic church in South Carolina—the latest in a string of

World’s most expensive city is …

Singapore has been named the world's most expensive city in 2016 -- topping the Economist Intelligence Unit's Worldwide Cost of Living survey for the third

What we learned from Dems’ debate

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23 questions ISIS asks recruits

A trove of leaked ISIS documents purports to show secret details of foreign fighters, including their nationalities, previous employment and blood type.

Trudeau charms Washington

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Thursday visit to the White House has the administration beaming even as American presidential candidates are bashing a central pillar

Tony Gonzalez — Manziel Is Blowing It … ‘Not Good & Messing Up’ (VIDEO)

Johnny Manziel's career is "on the verge of being over" ... so says NFL legend Tony Gonzalez. ; Tony G was out in Bev Hills

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s Marriage Has Improved: "We’re Kind of Turning Monogamy on Its Head"

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been to hell and back. After a tabloid revealed in 2013 that Dean had engaged in a two-day affair

Kate Middleton and Prince William Meet With Suicide-Attempt Survivor to Raise Awareness for Mental Health

The royals are on a mission to raise awareness of mental health care. Kate Middleton and Prince William met with Jonny Benjamin, a man who

The Physics of Buster’s Epic End in the MythBusters Finale

In the final episode of The MythBusters, Buster the crash test dummy went on one last mission to ride a rocket sled. What was his

The feds want to keep your broadband provider’s nose out of your online life – CNET

Companies say they're just trying to deliver more relevant ads, but consumer advocates contend we need stricter rules about what Internet providers can see.

Colonel Sanders Opens Shop in ‘Roof of the World’

Fast food giant KFC this week opened its first restaurant in Lhasa, the capital of China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Patti Davis: I Feel ‘Complete’ in Relationship With Mom Nancy Reagan

Patti Davis, the daughter of the Ronald and Nancy Reagan, speaks to Maria Shriver for an exclusive interview on TODAY about honoring her late mother,

Student’s Supper Club Has A Waiting List of Thousands

Jonah Reider launched a supper club, Pith, in a Columbia dorm room. Now, there are thousands (yes, thousands) of people on Pith's wait list.

The 23 questions ISIS asks recruits

A trove of leaked ISIS documents purports to show secret details of foreign fighters, including their nationalities, previous employment and blood type.

Fox News poll: Kasich leading in Ohio, Trump up in Florida

John Kasich has taken a small lead in Ohio while Donald Trump remains dominant in Florida, according to new Fox News polls released Wednesday.

Fiorina dismisses her past criticism of Cruz

Carly Fiorina defended her past attacks on Ted Cruz Thursday, saying while they disagreed on tactics they've always had shared goals.

Top Rubio supporters: Trump attacks have backfired

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Robber holds taxi driver at gunpoint but then …

A Berks County sheriff's deputy was in the right place at the right time when he pulled up behind what turned out to be a

Katt Williams’ GF Hazel-E — I’m Done with the Drama … Guns at My Chest Just Too Much!! (VIDEO)

Getting raided by cops at gunpoint is where Katt Williams' chick draws the line -- Hazel-E says she's getting out while the getting's good. We

Step by Step’s Christine Lakin Gives Birth to Daughter Georgia James

This child star just gave birth to a child of her very own. Christine Lakin, the 37-year-old actress synonymous with her breakout role as

Olivia Wilde Says Her and Jason Sudeikis’ Son Otis, 1, Is "Absolutely in Love" With Beyonc�

Beyonc� has found herself the cutest fan ever: Otis Sudeikis, the 22-month-old son of Olivia Wilde and fianc� Jason Sudeikis. The actress, who stars in

Opinion: Trudeau, the ‘un-Trump’

The Canadian Prime Minister offers progressive, moderate, tolerant, face-- unlike an America in the teeth of a nasty, regressive election campaign

Justin Bieber — Wet & Shirtless in Seattle to Kickoff Tour (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Justin Bieber lived up to the hype for his "Purpose" world tour by performing topless, in the rain, on a trampoline and ON one of

Don King — Here’s My Johnnie Cochran Impression! (VIDEO)

Don King says he LOVED Johnnie Cochran -- and Wednesday night he paid tribute to the legal legend by busting out JC's most famous line

The Ranch Trailer Includes Lots of Shirtless Ashton Kutcher and Cursing

Y'all better brace yourselves: The Ranch trailer is here and oh boy is it a doozy. In the sneak peek at Ashton Kutcher's new sitcom,

6 Random Facts About the Los Angeles Clippers Franchise

It's time to show some Clippers' spirit! E!'s upcoming reality series L.A. Clippers Dance Squad documents the lives of seven women who dream of making

Tesla’s Summon Feature Is Like Knight Rider. Kinda

Summon is fundamental to Tesla's goal of making its cars drive themselves, and it won't stay a party trick forever. The post Tesla's Summon Feature

CNN Reality Check

Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders met in Miami on Wednesday for their first debate since Sanders' upset in the Michigan primary, and CNN's

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