Local Church Channels “Breaking Bad”

1OA-breakingbad_optOne area church is taking the popular TV show “Breaking Bad” to a new level.

No, there won’t be a chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer who decides to
make and distribute crystal meth on Sundays throughout October at Open Arms
Community churches of Bradford and Port Allegany.

Rather, the message will be one of hope and will be centered on God
bringing restoration to people’s messy lives.

“I believe God is a redeemer, not an embracer of evil, and wants to take
this phrase, ‘break bad,’ that figuratively in slang means to go wild, defy
authority, break the law and apply it literally to break the bad in our
life, stop the cycle of destruction,” said Pastor Mike McAvoy. “Our plan is
to capitalize on the popularity of the TV show to address the reality that
their are consequences (some irreversible) to that way of life and that God
has a better plan that leads to life that is full, whole, and free.”

Assistant Pastor Justin Willoughby said he has seen lives be transformed at
Open Arms. “I’ve seen people who were at their lowest, and they surrender
(give their lives over to Jesus) and something just changes,” he said
“They seem to have a new outlook on life. I’ve seen people healed from
diseases and injuries, by the power of Jesus.”

In fact, he said he has witnessed marriages that have been restored and
relationships transformed.

“I’ve seen financial heartache turn to financial freedom,” Willoughby said.
“We’ve witnessed people set free from addiction to a variety of different
substances,  food, drugs,  alcohol. God is doing a work at Open Arms.”
Perfect people aren’t in attendance at Open Arms,  he said.

“You will find those who like many, that were hurting, broken, down and
out, and who  gave their hearts and lives to Jesus,” Willoughby said.
“Those people now live to make His love and acceptance known to others.”

Church services in Bradford are at 9:15 a.m. or 11 a.m.at 1289 E Main
Street, and in Port Allegany at 9:45 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. at 105 Smith Ave.
More information is available at the church website at http://openarms.tv

Open Arms Community Church
1289 E. Main St. Bradford PA

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