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How To Get A Sweet New ‘GIF’ Facebook Profile Pic

Facebook has rolled out its new mobile profile options for some lucky users, and if you’re among them, it means you have access to the

Low-Nicotine Cigarettes Cut Use, Dependence, Study Finds

Smokers who switched to special low-nicotine cigarettes wound up smoking less and were more likely to try to quit, a new study finds.

Hackers Tried to Access Clinton Email at Least 5 Times: Report

Hackers sent emails with malicious software to Hillary Clinton's private email account at least five times in August 2011.

Pentagon suggests Russia’s move will inflame war in Syria

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Taliban loses city to Afghan forces

Afghan forces have retaken the major city of Kunduz from Taliban militants, Sediq Sediqqi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior Affairs, said early Thursday.

Are Scott Eastwood and Charlotte McKinney Dating? Get the Scoop!

Love seems to be in the air lately. The latest romance speculation surrounds studly actor Scott Eastwood and model-actress Charlotte McKinney! The pretty pair sparked

Lena Dunham Apologizes for Comparing Certain Websites to a ”Physically Abusive Husband”

Lena Dunham is apologizing to fans after comparing certain websites to domestic violence. In a lengthy Instagram post, the Girls star shared a photo that

The Rideshare Startup That’s Landed $300M Without a Fight

You could be forgiven for thinking Europeans hate the very concept of sharing your car. But one company, BlaBlaCar, gets a lot of love. The

Month in Space: Super Moons and Stunning Eclipses

See rare 'Super Blood Moon," views from the International Space Station, star births and the eye of an "algae storm."

Secret Service Broke Privacy Law to Embarrass Rep. Chaffetz: IG

The Secret Service apologized to Rep. Jason Chaffetz for violating federal law by accessing sensitive personal information about him dozens of times.

Governor stays execution over drug

Richard Glossip is scheduled to die Wednesday afternoon, and unless there's another stay in his case, he will be the first person executed with a

Chaffetz and Blitzer get heated

Rep. Jason Chaffetz reacts to the Planned Parenthood hearing. He speaks to CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Josh Hartnett and Pregnant Girlfriend Tamsin Egerton All Smiles While Moving In to New London Home: Pics!

A new home for their soon-to-be new addition to their family!  Josh Hartnett and his pregnant girlfriend Tamsin Egerton were photographed moving into their new home

Trump Hotels Hack Exposed Customer Credit Card Info

Customers who used their debit or credit cards at seven Trump properties could be affected.

Oklahoma Halts Execution Amid Drug Flub

She said last-minute questions were raised about the state's lethal injection protocol.

See Beyonce, Ed Sheeran perform epic duet

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NBA’s Ty Lawson — I Didn’t Need Rehab … But I Did Learn Stuff

Houston Rockets star Ty Lawson says he does NOT believe he's an alcoholic ... despite 2 DUI arrests this year ... saying he just made

ASPCA Employee Sues — They Called Me ‘Sexual Chocolate’

An ASPCA employee in NYC says he was treated like a piece of meat, or rather -- a giant piece of chocolate candy by female

Willow Smith Was Just Signed by Kendall Jenner’s Modeling Agency

Willow Smith has officially joined the modeling world. E! News confirms that the 14-year-old celebuspawn has just signed with The Society Management in New York,

Cindy Crawford Proves She’s Still Got It, Works 4 Flawless Outfits During New York City Book Tour—Vote for Your Fave!

Well this makes it official: Cindy Crawford's style just keeps getting better with time. At 49 years old, the veteran supermodel is just as well-dressed—and

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Got a PG-13 Rating for the Weirdest Reason

You've heard of too much violence, too much strong language but have you heard of too much sensuality? For a dark, gritty, superhero movie?! The

Everything You Need to Know About Skin-Brightening Products

There's a squatter on your land—and it just won't go away. We're talking about those dark spots or healed acne scars creating uneven skin tone—and

Tulsa Sheriff Indicted, Quits in Wake of Unarmed Man’s Death

Sheriff Staley Glanz was indicted on misdemeanor counts, including a charge that he didn't promptly release documents regarding the deputy's training.

Oklahoma Halts Execution Amid Drug Confusion

She said last-minute questions were raised about the state's lethal injection protocol.

Ling: How I got Warren Jeffs’ kids to open up

Lisa Ling discusses how she convinced two of imprisoned FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs' children to speak out. "This is Life" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

Bizarre sex rites in polygamous church

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Worms eat through what?!

Plastic, long considered nonbiodegradable and one of the biggest contributors to global pollution, might have met its match: The small, brownish, squirmy mealworm.

Clinton emails show eye on image

Hillary Clinton, while plenty busy with her day job, also kept a close eye on her political image while helming the State Department, new emails

Ben Carson — I Used to Outrun Cops Before They Shot You … JK!! (VIDEO)

Ben Carson flashed some energy and personality on the campaign trail Wednesday ... by cracking a joke about cops shooting black kids. ; The

Big Bang Theory Co-Stars Supporting Kaley Cuoco in Wake of Divorce: ”We Love Her to Pieces,” Says Mayim Bialik

After nine seasons, the stars of The Big Bang Theory have been through thick and thin together. "I think we're really blessed," Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy...

There’s a Harry Potter Jailbreak Brewing in London

Muggles are trying to free Dobby the House Elf, and whether or not they succeed, it's a glorious act. The post There’s a Harry Potter

Former Sprint exec lands at Mississippi wireless operator

Once Sprint's technology chief, Stephen Bye will soon head up strategy for rural operator C Spire, as the company decides whether to participate in the

See what was on ship that sank around 65 B.C.

Researchers have unearthed new findings from an ancient shipwreck off the coast of the island of Antikythera in Greece.

Kylie Jenner & Tyga — Bored to Death … Got an App for That?? (PHOTOS)

iBored -- adj., ;a couple seated together and making eye contact ... with nothing but their smartphones; commonly seen in couples of 10 or more

Did You Know Bella Hadid Is Training for the 2016 Olympics? Find Out What Sport She Hopes to Compete In!

Bella Hadid is best known for her career in modeling and being the sister of mega supermodel Gigi Hadid. However, she's trying to make a

Someone Is Creating an App That’s Basically Yelp for Humans Which Sounds Like a Terrible Idea

"Yelp, but for people" sounds like a terrible idea, but when we did some research and read up on what the creators were doing…  Nope.

This Is How Many Calories You Save By Blotting Your Pizza

Remember when you were younger and every birthday party you went to had pizza for the meal? And before you ate, you took a napkin

Make this massive Jabba the Hutt inflatable your lawn slave

Prepare for the new Star Wars movie by installing a fat inflatable Jabba the Hutt in front of your house.

More Than 6,000 More Pages of Clinton Emails Released

The State Department on Wednesday released about 6,000 more pages of Hillary Clinton's emails, the latest batch to be made public from the private ema

Lost in Translation? Russian Official Scolds Female Reporter

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov scolded a female journalist for crouching when she tried to ask Secretary of State John Kerry a question.

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