See The SPCA’s Secret “Non-Disclosure” Documents That Prohibit Discussion of Animals and Helps Hide Dark Secrets

By Anonymous Submission To Bradford Today


In order to see the animals or volunteer at the McKean County SPCA in Bradford, they require you to sign a “Confidentiality Agreement”. You must agree that you will not discuss the animals or their living conditions with anyone, especially if you see neglect, poor living conditions or learn of policies that led to it.

“Discussion in any form, including but not limited to in person, online, text, phone conversation, social media, news media, etc. “

I think they forgot Morse Code, Telegram, Sign Language, Homing Pigeon and Smoke Signal.

It’s great that they are going in the right direction but, this agreement they force people to sign only hinders that. People should be able to talk to others about their experience at the Bradford SPCA and about the animals that live there as well as the conditions they live in. Had people not been afraid of the consequences of talking, maybe the SPCA wouldn’t have never devolved to what it became. The SPCA has more work to do, like abolishing this asinine confidentiality agreement. – pissed off citizen


Page 1, Standard waiver (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE)

Page 2, Confidentiality Agreement

Page 3, Walker Rules


April 28, 2015 – Proctor let go from McKean County SPCA

May 20, 2015 – PETITION: Re-Employ Nicole Proctor as McKean County Humane Officer

Quote from petition:

The McKean County SPCA board of directors felt there was no longer a need for one (Humane Officer and Shelter Manager) when she started putting pressure on the board to take care of the shelter animals properly and released her from her duties as Humane Officer and Shelter Manager.
The petition revealed the Humane Officer and Shelter Manager thought the SPCA board wasn’t taking proper care of the animals.
June 14, 2015 – CIA,NSA,FBI,INTERPOL,AND THE SPCA (discussion of these documents)
July 3, 2015 – NO MORE FREE PET FOOD FROM WALMART (SPCA board member tries to return donated food for cash)
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