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U.S. vs. Ghana: Three Things to Ensure a World Cup Win

What the U.S. must focus on to win their opening match against Ghana.

U.S. vs. Ghana: Follow the Americans’ First World Cup Game Live

Follow the Americans' first match live.

GM Recalls About 3.2 Million Cars for Ignition Problems

General Motors' recall woes continue as it recalls more than 3 million older model cars for problems with the ignition.

Here’s Just How Bad Sitting Around Is For You

A new study shows just how much sitting raises your cancer risk.

Social Web: Female Spiders Adopt ‘Warrior’ or ‘Nanny’ Roles

Some spiders form colonies where they hunt together and share food. But why do some spiders hunt and others take care of the young?

Domino’s Now Lets People Order Pizza with ‘Siri’-Like App

Finally, a way to order pizza by speaking out loud to a computer.

Nigeria, Iran Play to First Draw at 2014 World Cup

The first draw of the World Cup is a scoreless one, with one of the least-anticipated matches living up to its almost non-existent expectations.

Ben & Jerry’s Supports Vermont in GMO-Labeling Fight

Ben & Jerry's is in the process of transforming all its flavors to non-genetically modified ingredients.

‘Career Criminal’ Charged in Killing of Phoenix Priest: Police

The man who was arrested for killing a Phoenix priest last week was described by authorities as a “career criminal” who had only recently left

American Pride: U.S. Fans Dress for Match Against Ghana

Fans displayed their red, white and blue in preparation for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Group G match against Ghana on Monday in Natal, Brazil.

Georgia Murderer Marcus Wellons Denied Stay of Execution

Marcus Wellons is scheduled to die Tuesday night for the 1989 rape and murder of a 15-year-old neighbor.

Double Tornadoes Sweep Across Eastern Nebraska

A severe storm system created multiple tornadoes in northeast Nebraska Monday.

Georgia Murderer Marcus Wellons Denied Clemency

Marcus Wellons is scheduled to die Tuesday night for the 1989 rape and murder of a 15-year-old neighbor.

Storm Chaser Video Shows Double Tornado

Storm chasers capture video that shows two simultaneous tornadoes in Nebraska.

Working Moms May Be Helping Their Kids, Study Finds

Moms who feel guilty about going back to work can give themselves a break. A new study suggests their kids may do better in kindergarten.

The only force in Iraq holding back ISIS?

Kurdish fighters, known as the Peshmerga, appear to be the only force in Iraq holding ISIS at bay. Arwa Damon reports.

Gruesome video shows executions

CNN's Arwa Damon reports on the chilling videos and images which show ISIS interrogating and killing prisoners.

Volunteers take up arms against ISIS

CNN's Nic Robertson reports thousands of Iraqis have volunteered to take up arms against ISIS.

Character deaths that shocked us

Photos: Shocking character deaths

World’s top 20 museums

A woman with a mysterious smile is one of the most magnetic draws at the world's most popular museum.

Study: Caffeine affects teen boys more

Caffeine affects boys more than girls, but only after they hit puberty, according to a new study published in the latest edition of the journal

IRS loses official e-mails

John King, Julie Pace and Manu Raju on the lost Lois Lerner emails and what it means for the IRS.

Virtual reality: Next frontier in gaming

In recent years, the gaming industry has seen a number of hyped trends come and go: games on social networks, 3-D gaming, systems that let

Shooter’s dad and victim’s dad embrace

In photos released Sunday, the two dads are embracing. Theirs is a meeting wrought with profound grief, spurred by shared tragedy.

Gigantic twisters side by side

Video shows two tornadoes touching down on the ground in the northeastern part of Nebraska. CNN's Chad Myers reports.

A sometimes fatal habit in baseball

Padres fans remember Tony Gwynn's hitting prowess. What they may not remember is his smokeless tobacco habit.

When Clinton went viral: A brief history

As recently as 2011, Hillary Clinton was seen by many as a respected but polarizing figure: Smart and accomplished, sure, but controlled and somewhat humorless.

A hat trick and a headbutt

That just about sums up Portugal's World Cup opener against Germany. And as if the loss wasn't enough, Portugal may have lost a key player.

The joy of Tony Gwynn

They come in all sizes and shapes, athletes do, small and tall, round and lean. They come with all kinds of personalities as well. Some

Man Confesses to Killing Dog

A man says he shot and killed his neighbor’s dog because he was annoyed with the animal’s barking. Chautauqua County Sheriff’s deputies a man had

Woman Jailed for Grand Larceny

A woman is in jail for allegedly forging a check worth more than $1,000. State police say 37-year-old Julie Stutzman of Falconer forged the $1,200

Tow Truck Driver Charged

A tow truck driver is facing charges after being found with hypodermic needles in his truck during a traffic stop on I-86 in Chautauqua County.

Margaret Cunningham

Margaret E. Cunningham KANE Margaret E. "Peg" Cunningham, 83, of 3165 Rte. 219, Kane, passed away Saturday (June 14, 2014) at

Douglas L. Case

Douglas L. Case, 87, of 1467 South Ave. Lewis Run, passed away Thursday, June 12, 2014 at The Pavilion at BRMC.

Police Standoff Ends Peacefully

A police standoff ended peacefully on Saturday but landed an Amity, New York, man in jail. State police say 36-year-old Reuben Stocking ran into the

Man Hurt in Route 219 Crash

A Maryland man was hurt in a one-car crash Friday afternoon on Route 219 in Bradford Township. Police say Carlos Gonzalez suffered a medical emergency,

Drought Parches the West, but Americans Shrug It Off

Many Americans seem to be taking one of the most severe droughts in years in stride. Why?

Biden To Visit with Central American Leaders on Border Children

Vice President Joe Biden will meet with leaders of the three Central American countries that hundreds of children have fled to get to the U.S.

Kim Jong Un Emerges From Submarine

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited the Korean People's Army Naval Unit 167.

1,000-Year-Old Artifacts Found at Illinois Airport

Archaeologists digging at the Southern Illinois Airport have uncovered Native American artifacts dating back to 1,000 years ago.

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