OPINION: Old School At Elm And Congress Street

This letter came to us regarding the old school at Elm and Congress Street.

It’s been empty for quite sometime, well let me think last year after grass got over a foot or more. I sent mayor email then it was mowed 2 times all season. The sidewalks never were shoveled this past winter. Kids are swinging on flagpole hope I see when one cracks head open. Then the left behind cats have kittens there. Now yesterday I was over to check cat food and low and behold I found a syringe. Now I did call cop shop for that. BUT PLEASE CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY IN THIS TOWN WE HAVE TO CALL POLICE FOR ANIMAL COMPLAINTS? To me that is ass a nine. Even if you call shelter they tell you to hang up and call police. That’s total BS.

Thanks for reading.


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