BigFoot Spotted Near Kinzua Bridge State Park

By Stony

Photo by Stony

Photo by Stony

We were driving north (not sure of the road name) on the road that passes the park. About 4 or 5 miles north, I spotted out of the corner of my eye, something dark in the woods that looked like the shape of a “bigfoot or yeti”.

Then I stopped the car in the road. I then determined there were two “creatures”. One larger and one a bit smaller. I took photos out of the window, and slowly advanced the car forward for a better view through the trees and some brush along the road.

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66 Comments for “BigFoot Spotted Near Kinzua Bridge State Park”

  1. cory

    Yeah that’s a fallen tree… Roots and dirt… No big foot hunters in your future sorry bro

  2. Renee Leidwinger Cunningham

    umm, hello. yeti lives far far away in the snow duhhh

  3. Julie DePascal

    looks like a human foot in one pic. So maybe people dressed up for the festival!

  4. cassandramorrison

    It’s a tree stump, people. If this is the best you can do….

  5. Scott

    If your going to make claims about sightings like this, You have to verify what you are looking at…in this case…A large tree stump from a fallen tree with plants and such in front of it…Just stay there for a while and anything alive will eventually move…then you have your proof…or mark where you were so you can come back to it later to look for evidence…im sure your stump is still there…

  6. jason

    It’s someone from Meadville, PA!

  7. Haley Jo

    I know this area pretty well, lots of trees were uprooted when the tornado hit a while ago. I believe it’s just the uprooted trees with the scraggly roots and dirt exposed. I thought I seen a bear while driving by there and I stopped to look at it, and it was the bottom of an uprooted tree. If you go back out there, I bet your creature will still be standing in the same spot a month from now.

  8. Jody Kraft

    I got a foot print of big foot here in Bradford pa

  9. Kevin Greek

    yes. if you look you can see the tree laying down pointing off the left of the photo. that is the root cluster of the downed tree.

  10. Andrew Spore

    It is! It is! It is a Big Foot and its Baby Foot.

  11. Tammy

    If you look closely you see the fallen tree to the left.

  12. Paul Matheson

    That’s too close to the Jacobs juvenile creature filmed 6 years ago maybe it is all grown up now? I watched it on Finding BIgfoot and it was surrounded by many many sighting over the years.

  13. Paul Matheson

    Not a tree stump look at the other photos please.

  14. Billy Miller

    bull manure , that looks like uncle ben .

  15. Shawna

    …..the photographer’s name is Stony………..
    by any chance was this taken at 4:20?

  16. Jason L Colley

    this is no lie ive seen one in back of w.e.s.b 2004 but it was about 8ft tall and moved really fast and there are still signs of it in that area has to be the

  17. Adam Cumberledge

    looks like a uprooted tree

  18. Amanda Swauger

    2 dudes walking around in gilly suits…. deer season approaches and people do just about anything and everything to camo themselves …. not convinced

  19. usmale475

    Makes me wonder why no live video?? still pictures could be anything

  20. Kandas Young

    if you look you can see the tree part of it on the ground right in front of it!!

  21. CandySue4

    Look at all the photos before deciding what you are seeing. It could definitely fall under hoax, but it’s definitely NOT a tree stump…lol

  22. Chris S

    I took a hard look at the images and there’s some problems. There are two pairs of shots that are slightly different angles of consecutive images. There is absolutely no movement of the subject between the shots in either case. The problem is that the camera Exif data says there is 9 seconds between shots in one pair and 13 seconds between shots in the other pair. There’s no way the positioning would be exactly the same across that much time.

  23. Paul Matheson

    I guess it was just a tree stump : ( so maybe next time.

  24. Jack

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  25. Bigfoot Gifts & Toys

    Another false story on Bigfoot sighting.

  26. Paul Matheson

    Wow the BFRO debunked this go read page 7!

  27. willhir20

    It was not an uprooted tree.

  28. willhir20

    look no downed trees

  29. willhir20

    same no trees down

  30. willhir20

    I know exsactly where he was at 4.2 miles north of t from the park stop singe.

  31. willhir20

    The person in the pic is 6ft tall. And she was standing in a hole in front of the tree like the thing and you can barely see him

  32. willhir20

    we found what could be a track

  33. willhir20

    pic of same track

  34. willhir20

    I have read most of the comments and I can tell you its not an uprooted tree unless aileans majicaly made it disaper. There were no stumpes on the ground and if there was the tree that it was in friont of was on a slite hill and there was about a foot and a half hole all the way around the tree. You can see nothing on the ground where it was at but furns and grass. What ever it was it was not an uprooted tree because it would still be there. Its 4.2 miles from t stop sign at park north to Bradford. there is a black colvert pipe there and a smale creek you can not see in pic.

  35. willhir20

    so then can you tell me what this is

  36. willhir20

    it was trickery or the real thing. n if bfro sied it was a stumo like what paul seid they never went n look so how can you answer something with out seeing for your self. I went and seen………………………………………………………

  37. Paul Matheson

    Sorry willhir20 but there was a guy that came from the BFRO and took pictures of it and they looked like Stony’s

  38. willhir20

    Well the I gess some one majicaly removed a couple of 1000 pound stumps with out a trace. Go look for your self I told u where it was

  39. Paul Matheson

    I guess so because I just read officer Groshek from the PGC seen it last Friday September 27 when they took more pictures of it. If it was removed they better have had a permit or your gonna get busted.

  40. Paul Matheson

    Check out my facebook page this was a hoax. I got the pictures they took when the Pennsylvania Game Commision helped them look at the stump and now the hoaxer says it’s gone. Pretty elaborate hoax if he did remove it. Anyway these aren’t photoshopped because you can test for that. Some idiots don’t know that.

  41. jrch66

    No paul, that bfro guy was a hoax, the moderater exposed his fakery and lies. If he lies and deceives, how can you believe it when he say the PGC was there. Like they go huntin BigFoot? Two different people say they went there and the root ball is gone and was never a sign of it. You paul would believe anything.

  42. Paul Matheson

    It’s bad cop vs good cop that’s how you investigate.

  43. Paul Matheson

    Somebody made a hoax and the PGC already knows it.

  44. Paul Matheson

    How do you explain his pictures?

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